Walking on the Broadway Bikeway/Cycletrack..whatever it's called

The other day we went on a bus quest to find kosher steak at Trader Joe's. Yes, you can get kosher meat at Trader Joe's. I know a lot of people think this is impossible and schelpping all the way to Mercer Island is necessary. I don't like going anywhere where I can't multitask and Mercer Island is lacking in anything I really need except HUGE blocks of munster cheese.

On our way back home we walked through Cal Anderson Park, admired the fountain and then tried to walk to Gamestop because a certain little person in the house earned enough money to buy herself a DS game. On our way to Broadway we were met by a really nice construction lady directing us to walk on the bikeway/cycle track under construction. The whole bikeway is being done in pieces and had we not stumbled through the park we would have never known.

Here is my kid walking on the track, TADA!
 Can you see the excitement? Look at the barrier. It is not just a painted lane. I drooled and oohed and awwed while my kid pleaded for me to open up the bag of nuts she is holding.
If you turn around look north on Broadway you get machinery parked in the soon to be lane. What is that in the distance? It is a light signal that directs cars not to crash and kill you when making a right hand turn. Let me zoom for better oohing.

I know, I should have taken a dedicated picture but people were looking at us funny on Broadway. To think we looked funny with all the other colorful stuff that goes on there. For example, last week we saw a dude standing outside Blick with denim overall shorts. He had one of the overall buttons up and the other down exposing half of his naked underneath body, ughhh.

Back to biking. Somehow I feel like I am the only one who cares about this construction. During the construction of some of the trolly tracks on Madison and Broadway my kid took a video of what looked like lava being poured onto the tracks. This is how we spend our time, so exciting.

So, progress on construction is coming along. We did see lots of people try to bike on Broadway and frankly that is just a pain with the uneven road and lack of space. So maybe for safety sake find another road. Sure, Broadway might be more direct but falling into a hole will set you back.


  1. Acabo de regresar de Round Rpck,TX, solamente vi en 24 a una sola persona en bicicleta. Creo que en San Antonio hay mas personas que se atreven a salir en bici, con el caloron que hace, no los culpo. Tambien ha mejorado el sistema de trasporte.
    Practicas con tu nena lo que vas a poner en el blog?
    Un abrazo


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