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Boom! 2nd Ave. BikeLane Deathtrap

Tuesday was meant to be a regular day. I took my kid to school and then made my way downtown to buy fun stuff at Target. By fun, I mean light bulbs and tights. I was on foot walking on 2nd waiting for the light looking at the 2nd Ave painted bike land and thinking, "sheesh, who rides here with all the crazy traffic?" While looking at the feat of BAD traffic engineering I watched a lady make a left turn right into a guy on a bike. The guy was not even going at a crazy fast speed, which is possible on this street because it is mostly flat. This was not a spandex clad guy on a bike but a normal dude wearing his work clothes. The guy went flying in the air and landed on the hood of the ladies car. She was hesitant to stop. So, I start screaming and happened to have my camera handy, taking pictures and saying she was going to be the next KOMO news story of a hit and run if she doesn't stop. The guy on the bike had rolled off the hood and on to his bike, landing on the paveme…

Oh Denmark!

Our kid has outgrown her bike we bought at BikeWorks some time ago. She is ready to move up but like everything else, wants something very specific when it come to bikes. First, she wants a banana seat. Yes, she wants one of those seats. Then she wants a step through bike. I love online shopping and wish I could just order everything I see. Sometimes Mr. Peyos likes to temp me by looking at ads from Denmark.

He will download an ad for a store like Foetex or even Bilka. What are these mysterious stores? Well, it is like Fred Meyer. These stores are huge stores and have a grocery section and a small to large household section. I love looking at the ads because it reminds me of living in Denmark and learning Danish. I learned so much from reading ads and shopping. Sometimes I would just spend some time walking around in the store just so I could learn the language that sounds vaguely familiar to otter.

In looking at the Danish ads I found the section for bikes. What can you get for 3000 …

Riding almost flat

This week has been my glorious bikey bike week. I did the crazy person thing of biking on the not completed Broadway bike freeway.  I didn't get yelled at or run over by anyone while on the cycle highway. SDOT workers waved at me. I would have preferred balloons, Laffty Taffy, and maybe an apple
Right now all I eat are apples. I am like a horse.

Thursday I took my kid to school, picked up my bike and started making my merry way down Interlaken to get bagels for my people. I have bad luck getting there too late and all the chocolate chip are gone. So, got stuff I needed at QFC U-Village, bought some bagels, loaded up the bike and woah, I was biking slower than a turtle. Even a jogger passed me. He was in this pseudo race with slow me. I had two day yellow spandex men yell to put air in my tires and zip off. Oh gee, thanks!

I needed air and my rescue was at Amazon. So, I huffy puffed my way on the Burke Gilman trail, avoiding possible dead bodies, and went across the Fremont Bridge…

What's Up The Broadway Cycletrack?

Every time I am up in Capitol Hill I like to droll about all the work being done for the Streetcar and cycletrack. Usually we take a look at the work and I snap a picture. So, I actually have a lot of pictures of us looking at the progress. Most recently I was up on the hill and noticed that it looked more complete than usual. So, I took a picture and tweeted to Seattle Bike Blog. What is stopping me from biking on it now that it looks semi complete? Here is our conversation:
@seabikeblog what is stopping me from using this on Broadway? I know it's not done.
— No Spandex Required (@NoSpandexReq) October 10, 2013 The conversation ended with a tweet from SDOT, you know the Seattle Department of Transportation.
Two words @NoSpandexReq: Kanye West. @seabikeblog@VeloBusDriver — seattledot (@seattledot) October 10, 2013
So, if their answer if Kayne West then I took it as a GO GO, ride on it Shirley! So, I snapped pictures and was slightly annoyed by some of the…

Out of Comission

I took a whole month to catch up with this blog. During that time I have written some thought provoking post but I never finished. So, I feel I have to explain what's been going on. Well, since the end of August I have been out of commission in regards to bike riding. I had a whole bunch of health problems and one required that I actually rest. I have no idea what that word means so I actually had to have a full blown conversation with my doctor because the nurse wasn't getting through to me. Rest means sit on my butt with my feet up and do nothing. Don't garden, don't bike, don't pick up stuff. Seriously, how can this be possible? No way can I sit for anything unless I am reading. So, for about a week I watched my house turn into a pigpen. My daughter helped but their is always so much a nine year old can do without proper supervision. Her duties were upgraded to even folding and putting away laundry which seemed kinda daunting when the stuff was taken out of the…

Redline out in the World

Not too long ago someone who has been to the house for Shabbos said they would like to bike on Bicycle Sunday but the bike they had was not so fantastic. Well, this person happens to be short and I figured my blue Redline would be perfect. What is the point of having a bike if it is going to just sit their in the basement and collect dust. I have my Dutch bike and the Redline is fun but not do great for my needs.

So, our guest knocked on the door one unexpected day and we traded his bike for mine. We didn't mind him arriving unexpectedly and Mr. Peyos did his best to make the bike comfortable for him. Apparently I underestimated the height and when the bike borrower was peddling away it was a little obvious that the seat was too tall. I hope he lowered the seat. Too many times I see people biking with a seat too low but I could see the seat was too high, just a bit.

What bike did we trade or have in storage? Look at this beauty. I don't know how our bike borrower made it to o…