Boom! 2nd Ave. BikeLane Deathtrap

Tuesday was meant to be a regular day. I took my kid to school and then made my way downtown to buy fun stuff at Target. By fun, I mean light bulbs and tights. I was on foot walking on 2nd waiting for the light looking at the 2nd Ave painted bike land and thinking, "sheesh, who rides here with all the crazy traffic?" While looking at the feat of BAD traffic engineering I watched a lady make a left turn right into a guy on a bike. The guy was not even going at a crazy fast speed, which is possible on this street because it is mostly flat. This was not a spandex clad guy on a bike but a normal dude wearing his work clothes.
The guy went flying in the air and landed on the hood of the ladies car. She was hesitant to stop. So, I start screaming and happened to have my camera handy, taking pictures and saying she was going to be the next KOMO news story of a hit and run if she doesn't stop. The guy on the bike had rolled off the hood and on to his bike, landing on the pavement. The lady in the car looked, NOT concerned, but perturbed. Her day was ruined. She rolled down the window and said, "I didn't see you!". The guy on the bike said, "you didn't look". Truth is, she didn't look. In fact, before she turned she almost plowed some pedestrians crossing the street on the white crosswalk signal. The people walking were facing her so they stopped and yeided to her and crummy car. Sadly, the guy on the bike was not so lucky.

I think I was the only one screaming. Maybe I looked crazy, I don' t know, but she finally pulled over to the side of the road and I stayed with the guy on the bike. I told him to call any significant other to tell them they are okay and to call work. I asked him a bazillion times how he felt and I think he was going to have bruising on his body. I explained to him how Mr. Peyos got hit by a car and rolled off in the same way. 

In the meantime the lady in the car was pissed. She got out and did a survey of the "damage" to her car. Seriously! You hit a person! She never asked the guy if he was okay. She was more concerned about the metal machine. Then she idled her car while we waited for the police and she scowled. I am not sure if she was afraid of us but seriously how could she be afraid of me and the guy she hit? He was in pain and was acting very mild about the whole thing. Neither of us touched her car or made threatening gestures to her. Instead, I took pictures of her car, her and her license plates. What I really wanted was her insurance information but she refused to look at us.

The police arrived and I gave my statement and talked to the guy on the bike and made my way to buy light bulbs.

Witnessing this was scary. I have seen other accidents but this one bothered me. After letting Mr. Peyos in on what happened he made several comments but probably the best one was that he thinks everyone who flunked urban designed was hired to work in Seattle. We don't ride on 2nd Ave. unless it is a Sunday or one of those days when nobody is driving there. The "bike lane" is in a weird spot. The police man asked me to note which bike lane the guy was in. HUH? I didn't know 2nd Ave. had two bike lanes. Later I realized he was referring to the space where buses drive. Not only was Mr. Peyos referring to this accident but my daily gripes about the Broadway Bike Highway. I like that SDOT officially opened up a section but even with the bright green paint and bike marking people still park there. As of last night, flexible pole barriers were installed but still Mr. Peyos thinks that a curb needs to go there. 

The glass business doesn't care. Take a look at how Perkin's Glass is taking it. According to the owner, he only saw 3 bicyclist so apparently that gives him the right to park his trucks in the lane. UGH!!!
(oh, and I had to go back and edit this because ugh, it was written in haste)


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