Oh Denmark!

Our kid has outgrown her bike we bought at BikeWorks some time ago. She is ready to move up but like everything else, wants something very specific when it come to bikes. First, she wants a banana seat. Yes, she wants one of those seats. Then she wants a step through bike. I love online shopping and wish I could just order everything I see. Sometimes Mr. Peyos likes to temp me by looking at ads from Denmark.

He will download an ad for a store like Foetex or even Bilka. What are these mysterious stores? Well, it is like Fred Meyer. These stores are huge stores and have a grocery section and a small to large household section. I love looking at the ads because it reminds me of living in Denmark and learning Danish. I learned so much from reading ads and shopping. Sometimes I would just spend some time walking around in the store just so I could learn the language that sounds vaguely familiar to otter.

In looking at the Danish ads I found the section for bikes. What can you get for 3000 kroner, which is approximately $549? Isn't it beautiful? Lookie, it has everything a bike needs. See, fender, skirt guard, kickstand, and rack. Can you imagine an American bike coming complete for this price. Isn't it tempting to visit the land of happy Danes and pick up a bike too? So, maybe it is not the best quality bike but it can get you somewhere.

Just to make you steaming crazy, this was in this weeks ad for Foetex:

Yes, that says WIN a Nihola bike. It's like Target putting an ad to win a cargo bike. All you have to do is step into the store and ask them in otter how to win that bike. So, Oh Denmark!

I got a little sidetracked looking for a bike with a banana seat. Right now I have no need to go to Denmark so unless we have to go to then I am stuck looking for bikes here close to home. So, here is the banana bike my kid wants:

It fits all her style requirements. I can imagine that we will get it soon, hopefully have BikeWorks assemble it and then make her ride it home.


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