Out of Comission

I took a whole month to catch up with this blog. During that time I have written some thought provoking post but I never finished. So, I feel I have to explain what's been going on. Well, since the end of August I have been out of commission in regards to bike riding. I had a whole bunch of health problems and one required that I actually rest. I have no idea what that word means so I actually had to have a full blown conversation with my doctor because the nurse wasn't getting through to me. Rest means sit on my butt with my feet up and do nothing. Don't garden, don't bike, don't pick up stuff. Seriously, how can this be possible? No way can I sit for anything unless I am reading. So, for about a week I watched my house turn into a pigpen. My daughter helped but their is always so much a nine year old can do without proper supervision. Her duties were upgraded to even folding and putting away laundry which seemed kinda daunting when the stuff was taken out of the dryer. I even resorted to paying little people to do favors for me.  They got paid in gold coins.

My husband cleaned the dishes and we actually have frozen pre-made food in my freezer I have for an occasion like this. Actually the frozen meals I make are for lazy days.

My September was filled with doctors appointments and several appointments where blood was drawn. Man it is always fascinating to watch blood being taken out. I also have come hate the phlebotomist who was not trained in the craft of being gentle when stabbing that needle in my arm. After lots of appointments I was given some medicine and felt better but hey regular life happens and other normal cold germs get in the house and tada I get even sicker on a Jewish holiday, Sukkos to be exact.

Luckly for me I kinda prepared for the worst and paid for 10 loaves to the most delicious challah from that famous baker.

Now I am feeling better, enough to exercise again and ride my bike!

What did I do while I rested:
1. I read all about how not to be a sucky manager. I even wrote lots of case examples of sucky work situations and managers. All in the name of homework. Don't you love it when organizations really work badly and you can write all about it?

2. I thanked my lucky stars I took that stupid cultural anthropology class in my undergraduate years because stuff like Max Weber is going to haunt my life forever

3. I looked at internships from the graduate school database. The most recent one at some point was to intern at Playboy magazine. They needed someone to archive pictures. This was funny and we had a lot of good laughs about it in the house. Since I live with someone familar with databases we talked about how this could hypothetically be done. Had I taken an internship at a nudy magazine I would be really good at archiving those pictures.

4. On the front of databases, I had Mr. Peyos tutor me in database construction because my brain went

5. Finally the best part I pulled out half my hair trying to write at graduate school level paper that was going to be 25% of my total grade for a class. It took me a whole frack-a-mole week to write the darn thing. I hate babbling and I wasn't going to ask Mr. Peyos to help me. I did it alone and got full credit. So, hey my brain works!!!

I know I have stuff to write about: My Mythical Xtracycle (it's like a unicorn), someone is having a love affair with my Redline bike (which was has been posted), my constant drooling over the completion of the Broadway cycletrack/bikeway and other mind bike thingies that come to my head.


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