Redline out in the World

Not too long ago someone who has been to the house for Shabbos said they would like to bike on Bicycle Sunday but the bike they had was not so fantastic. Well, this person happens to be short and I figured my blue Redline would be perfect. What is the point of having a bike if it is going to just sit their in the basement and collect dust. I have my Dutch bike and the Redline is fun but not do great for my needs.

So, our guest knocked on the door one unexpected day and we traded his bike for mine. We didn't mind him arriving unexpectedly and Mr. Peyos did his best to make the bike comfortable for him. Apparently I underestimated the height and when the bike borrower was peddling away it was a little obvious that the seat was too tall. I hope he lowered the seat. Too many times I see people biking with a seat too low but I could see the seat was too high, just a bit.

What bike did we trade or have in storage? Look at this beauty. I don't know how our bike borrower made it to our house with the lack of foam on the seat. How does a seat get to be like that? What eats or chews on it? Like my droopy plant? It doesn't seem like a fair trade. I don't need this bike. Actually at this point I want the owner to come get it because it is in the basement and I just want it out. I was even nice enough to let him borrow it WITH the Brooks saddle. Now that is fancy!

I am happy to report that my blue Redline has made the person borrowing it very happy and has only helped to get one more person biking everywhere. The bike was used to pick up the essential Sukkot lulav and etrog. I can't wait to see that photo because it means my bike helped do one more mitzvah. I also hear it has become someone's commuting machine. So, if anyone I have gotten one more person out of their car and riding a bike regularly. I feel so special.

I am not sure when I am getting this bike back. In fact, right now I am not so concerned about it, although because of the current situation of my bike in production I might be tempted to get it back sooner, stick a trail a bike on the back and make my kid bike home. She is going to hate me, I am sure of it. Then again, I am more than happy to just use my Omafiets and make my kid use her legs and take the bus until we can get our grubby hands on the new bike.


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