Riding almost flat

This week has been my glorious bikey bike week. I did the crazy person thing of biking on the not completed Broadway bike freeway.  I didn't get yelled at or run over by anyone while on the cycle highway. SDOT workers waved at me. I would have preferred balloons, Laffty Taffy, and maybe an apple
Right now all I eat are apples. I am like a horse.

Photo: My Wednesday cycle highway photo, so much traffic
See, perfectly legal!
Thursday I took my kid to school, picked up my bike and started making my merry way down Interlaken to get bagels for my people. I have bad luck getting there too late and all the chocolate chip are gone. So, got stuff I needed at QFC U-Village, bought some bagels, loaded up the bike and woah, I was biking slower than a turtle. Even a jogger passed me. He was in this pseudo race with slow me. I had two day yellow spandex men yell to put air in my tires and zip off. Oh gee, thanks!

I needed air and my rescue was at Amazon. So, I huffy puffed my way on the Burke Gilman trail, avoiding possible dead bodies, and went across the Fremont Bridge.

While I was going across a lady in stripped socks, of course, commented on how "cute" my bike is. HOLY! My bike is nothing short of cute. It is a metal beast on wheels and will obliterate anything in the way.  I grinned and then she said, "when you get home, you better put some air in those tires". Gee, really? I told her I knew very well and was on my way to my personal refill station.

Like everything bike related to Seattle biking I am subscribed to the Facebook page for Seattle Family Biking. I love this group. Nobody is snarky or judgmental. Overall I have gotten some tips and a few good laughs. I love the pictures of kids passed out cold on the bike.

Turns out had I had a real phone with WiFi and internet I could have asked about where to put darn air in my tires so freeky early in the morning. I could have figured out that UW has pump stations along the trail. UGH! You live and learn right! In any case, I had a pump and then I broke it, don't ask! It is probably time to get another one.


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