What's Up The Broadway Cycletrack?

Every time I am up in Capitol Hill I like to droll about all the work being done for the Streetcar and cycletrack. Usually we take a look at the work and I snap a picture. So, I actually have a lot of pictures of us looking at the progress. Most recently I was up on the hill and noticed that it looked more complete than usual. So, I took a picture and tweeted to Seattle Bike Blog. What is stopping me from biking on it now that it looks semi complete? Here is our conversation:
The conversation ended with a tweet from SDOT, you know the Seattle Department of Transportation.

Two words @NoSpandexReq: Kanye West. @seabikeblog @VeloBusDriver
— seattledot (@seattledot) October 10, 2013

So, if their answer if Kayne West then I took it as a GO GO, ride on it Shirley! So, I snapped pictures and was slightly annoyed by some of the cars parking on my turf.

Turns out this beauty will be done soon, sooner than my mythical Xtracycle. Oh, but my grip with Xtracyle is soon to follow.
Broadway/Madison looking southeast (FYI the paving has been fixed)
Paving and more construction, people in a car are crying about lack of parking

In any case, while taking a good hard look at this new bike way I found spots that would probably freak me out a bit. See that gas station? It worries me that someone in a hurry to fill up on oil will make a turn in to a person on the cycle track. Little did I know at the moment that it was going to be painted co-op green. You know the same green on all those collectives we see on Rainier Ave for all the "sick people".

Woosh, we made it past the gas station without being killed
Jimmy Hendrix is to my right, hello there!

Riding north on Broadway. Hello Central CC


So far, I see a lot of paint and hope that those permanent barriers are put up before people park their cars in these lanes. This was taken last week so I will keep and eye out and drool. Although on an interesting note, after I tweeted this I saw people biking on it. The next day SDOT was out there with trucks and taking a look at the lanes.

I can't wait until this is done!


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