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2nd Day Chanukkah

Happy 2nd Day of Chanukkah! Did you stuff yourself silly with turkey? Well, I hate to break it to you but I am about to talk about our Shabbos turkey.

Last night we had latkes AGAIN! We also put some apples in the oven and they were delicious with the latkes. I refrained from putting hot sauce on anything. I managed to have to koach (strength) to make latkes but not sufganot (donuts), go figure. We also played a round of Labyrinth.

This morning I set to making our turkey. Now lots of people have talked about deep frying a turkey but frankly the idea scares me if they don't do it the Alton Brown way:

Please don't me a ninny and do it wrong. Mr. Peyos and I stayed up one night and watched people make turkey the wrong way. He even giggled. What do people do wrong? They put too much oil in the pot, wrong pot size, wrong temperature for oil and so on. If you haven't watched the best of turkey disasters here you go: Turkey disasters compiled. You might need someone to hold your…


Happy Thanksgivingukkah!! Mr. Peyos hates that term. He even hated it more when he found this video. Yeah, the lady trademarked the term. I find it gross. 
WHDH-TV 7News Boston

In the days leading to Thanksgiving I have been thinking about Shabbos. Yes, Shabbos. This is the first week I can actually plan and not just free nilly willy put something together. What does our food look like. It has been turkey breast and then a boatload of veggies either raw or roasted. My people like veggies. They also like oats and apples. Oh and I forget nuts. Don't come to our house if you have a nut allergy death wish. 
I do make a cholent for Shabbos day but as I have been told, it is more like chili. So, this means I don't really know how to make cholent but we like it. It goes great over spaghetti. 
So, my daughter and I did some adventures, including looking for battery powered LED lights. We first went to Target and found these. I didn't buy them because they said, "for indoor us…

Thanksgiving/Chanukah by Bike

So, this Chanukah is extra special.  Chanukah and Thanksgiving happen on the same day. Yeah! What is a Jew to do? Well, this year should be extra super duper special. Why not put a menorah on a bike. If Chabad can go our there and put menorahs on their minivans why can't I bike around with one? So, for the past month I have been tempted to buy this.

We are not in the habit of doing Thanksgiving. I got married in Denmark and we lived there for a while so when Thanksgiving rolled around we tended to forget. In the US we didn't celebrate it much because when you have Shabbos the next day you really don't want to have two big meals one after another. It's a lot of work.

Then we had our first kid. At the tender age of 4 she became obsessed with Thanksgiving. She wanted mashed potatoes that year. She likes vegetables and I am not kidding. Lots of people say their kid eats veggies but this kid will seriously eat a spinach salad if it was sitting on your table. So, we made ma…

Biking Vs Walking for Pregnant Ladies

So, have I been biking? Yes I have. In fact, neither of my doctors think this is bad. This was well discussed. I have been biking for a long time. In fact, the whole time I didn't know I was pregnant I was doing a daily, except Shabbos, Jillian Michaels workout. It's the kind where you want to strangle her and tell her to put a sock in it. The workout works.

When I was pregnant 10 years ago. It has really been that long ago. I was scared to bike past my 1st trimester. I don't know why. We lived in California in places with little or no bicycle infrastructure and I really was worried plus I heard too much talk about loosing my balance. Also, I didn't know anyone who biked while pregnant. It was a rare thing. So, once I was close to my 2nd trimester I stopped.

I have tried to find role models who would be supportive and I have found a lot, some on Twitter, Seattle Family Biking Facebook, and blogs. I like lots of different blog about pregnant ladies biking and Simply Bi…

Rainbow of Doom

If you know anything about me you would know that we don't like to buy anything unless we need it. We try to teach our kid between needing something and wanting it. For the last couple month she has been contracted out to do helpful jobs either in the house or as a mother's helper. She even made a group of kids clean. That was funny. So, she has saved up a whole lot of money for stuff she wants. She bought herself a boatload of books at a bookfair and some writing utensils with a fancy pom pom. This was what she wanted.

Then came the rainbow of doom incident. Some girls have a very competitive mean spirited nature. One girl brought her rainbow loom to school. Now the first girl did it to keep occupied during recess but what happened in the next days was really annoying. Well, the kid with the nasty demeanor also brings her rainbow loom to school, but not to keep occupied but to show off. My kid liked it when the first girl brought it so she begged us for one. When I found out …

My baby bike

Now that we have the whole baby situation out there in the world for all to know, we can talk about babies and bikes. In July I bribed the whole family to go with me to G&O Family Cyclery to try out an Edgerunner bike. For a while I had been toying with the idea of putting and Xtracycle on my trusty Redline bike. I love that bike. It is light and fast. After riding around the city. A long time ago I had a whole email conversation with Aaron at Aarons Bicycles in West Seattle about putting a darn Xtracycle on my bike but he really said that I should put it on a mountain bike. I didn't like the idea. I had also discussed this with the guys at 20/20 Cycle and they said they could do it for me. I like them. They are willing to experiment. Somehow I was hesitant because the trailer/bike was an okay solution but at the same time my little baby was growing longer by the second. How much longer before her head pops out of the Burley. The bike/Burley was our main transport since 2007 …

A Very Bikey Birthday

Mr. Peyos recently celebrated his journey called his birthday. I am not allowed to say the date or else his co-workers might find out and then will ruin all his fun. He doesn't like to make a big deal about it but our kid LOVES to make a big stink out of everyone's birthday. So, we talked about a plan. Mr. Peyos was to receive the following presents: new slippers and a a pajama set. Luckily, I found the slippers but when we went to look for the kind of pajamas that were appropriate for Ms. Fashion kid we found nothing but adult sized Super Man pajamas. So, Mr. Peyos got slippers, to start. Then my mom was nice and sent money, OHHH. What does he do it with? He buys our kid a new bike!
On our way to our super duper adventure we walked over to Bike Works. Steve was working along with the other tall guy because they must have a height requirement to work there. During the week I spotted a pink 20 inch bike that could be the bike for my kid but she wanted that banana seat bike righ…

Baby on Board

So, I have a new passenger on my bike and I ain't talking about some other person's kid. No, I am talking about the one that has been slowly growing in my uterus since summer. In fact, I didn't really know until late August.

It all began when Mr. Peyos came back from a business trip and me saying, "wow, those abdominal exercises are working". Sure. What does any paranoid person do? They take a pregnancy test. The test came up positive immediately, weird. Must be a mistake so I bike, sans helmet, to Safeway to buy a different and fresher brand. Well, the one on Othello has those things locked up, along with birth control stuff. So, not embarrassed, I asked the clerk to unlock one for me. It's so weird how the vertical line showed up right away and the horizontal line is faint. Maybe this one was broken too?

This time I came home and took the test and it also came up positive right away. WHHAAATT? The next step was to call our family care physician and had the…

Voting by Bike

So, we have been hanging on to our election ballots but it is always fun to rush on a bike to turn it in, right? Well, we didn't do that. Somehow I got it in my head that I HAD to turn in the ballot before Halloween. So, I made Mr. Peyos fill out his and I merrily took it to the post office to turn in. I think what bothered my husband most about the mail-in ballot was that we had to put postage on it. Two stamps is not going to kill us financially.

In any case, the last election for mayor was easy. The previous mayor did deal too well with the snow. That "snow storm" disable all services and "has v'shalom", people had to walk to the store. Being car free means your kid walks, gets cozy shoes and just deals. We walked to the store and bought milk and none of us complained. In fact, the snow was fun to walk in.

Do you remember that snow? Well, here in the Rainier Valley we aren't that fancy and so garbage service ended up being back up for THREE whole wee…