2nd Day Chanukkah

Happy 2nd Day of Chanukkah!
Homemade beer Mr. Peyos consumed on the 2nd night.
Did you stuff yourself silly with turkey? Well, I hate to break it to you but I am about to talk about our Shabbos turkey.
On the 2nd night we also light up my bike.

Last night we had latkes AGAIN! We also put some apples in the oven and they were delicious with the latkes. I refrained from putting hot sauce on anything. I managed to have to koach (strength) to make latkes but not sufganot (donuts), go figure. We also played a round of Labyrinth.

This morning I set to making our turkey. Now lots of people have talked about deep frying a turkey but frankly the idea scares me if they don't do it the Alton Brown way:

Please don't me a ninny and do it wrong. Mr. Peyos and I stayed up one night and watched people make turkey the wrong way. He even giggled. What do people do wrong? They put too much oil in the pot, wrong pot size, wrong temperature for oil and so on. If you haven't watched the best of turkey disasters here you go: Turkey disasters compiled. You might need someone to hold your hand while you watch them because I did. What did I learn? People think that the turkey should be in flames, people don't thaw the darn thing and even the firefighters look slightly scared. Oh and MEN are the ones being the ninnys here, hahaha.

Here is William Shatner's PSA on the issue:

Don't be a ninny!

Okay, but these guys DO look they know what they are doing. In fact, while you are waiting let's throw in a little axe throwing:

In the end I made the Shabbos turkey and here it is in all it's glory. It's cooked. That piece of foil was the turkey triangle just like in the Good Eats episode.  Good Shabbos and Chanukah Sameach!


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