A Very Bikey Birthday

Mr. Peyos recently celebrated his journey called his birthday. I am not allowed to say the date or else his co-workers might find out and then will ruin all his fun. He doesn't like to make a big deal about it but our kid LOVES to make a big stink out of everyone's birthday. So, we talked about a plan. Mr. Peyos was to receive the following presents: new slippers and a a pajama set. Luckily, I found the slippers but when we went to look for the kind of pajamas that were appropriate for Ms. Fashion kid we found nothing but adult sized Super Man pajamas. So, Mr. Peyos got slippers, to start. Then my mom was nice and sent money, OHHH. What does he do it with? He buys our kid a new bike!
Birthday Money goes on a new bike. It's PINK!
On our way to our super duper adventure we walked over to Bike Works. Steve was working along with the other tall guy because they must have a height requirement to work there. During the week I spotted a pink 20 inch bike that could be the bike for my kid but she wanted that banana seat bike right? So, we take her to see the bike and Mr. Peyos and kid take a test ride. Guess what? SHE LOVED IT!! It cost nothing compared to the new bike so we bought it and there went the birthday money. Bike Works has always been good to us to why not.

After that we made our way to Wine and More in Southcenter. We must have been the only people in the store with a kid, how irresponsible. For our next birthday trick Mr. Peyos got go choose his own special 6-pack of beer. That place is full of every beer imaginable including my favorite named, Loser Ale. After that we did our pajama search. I looked for a coat I could ride my bike in and has room for growth.

We came home and enjoyed a very Danish birthday cake, including the Danish flag. After some people ate cake I suddenly noticed this beer on the table. Does Carlsberg go well with cake? I don't know but I was still digesting my taco and waiting to dig into this cake.

So in the end we had bikes, beer (for the record, one person had beer and he has a beard) and cake. What more can a man ask for? Oh yeah, a baby on the way....hahaha.


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