Baby on Board

Mr. Peyos's Expression, classic surprised.

So, I have a new passenger on my bike and I ain't talking about some other person's kid. No, I am talking about the one that has been slowly growing in my uterus since summer. In fact, I didn't really know until late August.

It all began when Mr. Peyos came back from a business trip and me saying, "wow, those abdominal exercises are working". Sure. What does any paranoid person do? They take a pregnancy test. The test came up positive immediately, weird. Must be a mistake so I bike, sans helmet, to Safeway to buy a different and fresher brand. Well, the one on Othello has those things locked up, along with birth control stuff. So, not embarrassed, I asked the clerk to unlock one for me. It's so weird how the vertical line showed up right away and the horizontal line is faint. Maybe this one was broken too?

This time I came home and took the test and it also came up positive right away. WHHAAATT? The next step was to call our family care physician and had them do a test there in the office because I didn't think this test worked right. That one came up positive as well. I love our family doctor but he doesn't do OBGYN and refereed me to someone he worked with. His final words to me before I rode off AGAIN, sans helmet, "At least you know you both work!" Words of encouragement.

So, I came home sent Mr. Peyos a photo of the results and then proceeded to tell the following people in this order but not in date order. The telling was over many weeks or months. Yes, this laundry list is entertaining and somehow not logical.

1. Mr. Peyos: of course, he is really involved in this DUH! Plus, I needed to tell him that our doctor said "at least he works".

2. My Mother: Basically because she is my mother, DUH!

3. Davey Oil: Wait, a minute...What does he have to do with my reproduction? The truth is, I put down a deposit on an Edgerunner in July and needed to tell him because this would make my biking needs would be different. So, count yourself really special.

4.Our Kid: She had to be told at some point right?

5. Our closest friends: We started with my daughter's best friend's family. They had been very involved in my illness that kept me in the sitting position in September and it was best to tell them that I wasn't dying. Once we told our kid, we knew she could not keep it from her best friend. As expected she blabbed the minute she got over to the P-family house. None of the older kids believed her. Only her friend did. It wasn't until I went over and talked to the mom, my close friend, did the older kids believe anything my kid said, funny.

6. The shul Rabbi: Essentially Mr. Peyos missed morning davening (prayers) because I was so sick in the morning. Actually September was a pretty horrible/scary month for me. So, I kindly asked my husband to do me a favor and take our kid to school. This "morning sickness" is still ongoing into the 2nd trimester except for the last couple of days.

7. Our other friends: We started next door where other friends live and I talked to my friend. She knew how sick I had been in September and it was time I told her, now that I was feeling normal and that stage in my pregnancy had been cleared.

If you had been paying attention to my Twitter or even looking at my questions on the Facebook Seattle Family Biking page then you would have guessed sooner. In fact some people guessed so at that point I felt very comfortable talking about baby biking options. I have been consulting with several people on Twitter and Dena from bikeMAMAdelphia. It is nice to have a group of ladies who have done this baby biking. If anything just look at her new CUTE baby! SO CUTE!! How many times can I say how CUTE this baby is?

In any case, I hope to be blogging more. My graduate school courses keep me busy and taking a full load is no joke. I might have to cut back next semester.

Just to make life more interesting, this baby is due around Pesach. Yes, I said the P word!! So, while everyone is stressed over soon to eaten latkes and turkey, I have started to prepare for the P word, haha! No pressure here.


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