Biking Vs Walking for Pregnant Ladies

I rode this the other day

So, have I been biking? Yes I have. In fact, neither of my doctors think this is bad. This was well discussed. I have been biking for a long time. In fact, the whole time I didn't know I was pregnant I was doing a daily, except Shabbos, Jillian Michaels workout. It's the kind where you want to strangle her and tell her to put a sock in it. The workout works.

When I was pregnant 10 years ago. It has really been that long ago. I was scared to bike past my 1st trimester. I don't know why. We lived in California in places with little or no bicycle infrastructure and I really was worried plus I heard too much talk about loosing my balance. Also, I didn't know anyone who biked while pregnant. It was a rare thing. So, once I was close to my 2nd trimester I stopped.

I have tried to find role models who would be supportive and I have found a lot, some on Twitter, Seattle Family Biking Facebook, and blogs. I like lots of different blog about pregnant ladies biking and Simply Bike has some really nice biographies.

So, as long as I was doing something old it was okay. Taking up weightlifting was not something I was going to start doing.   Remember that time I was riding flat and the stripy lady biked next to me? Well, I was pregnant there too. It is a good workout and easy despite the route.

In general, I prefer to bike than walk. One year I biked so much when we took a long walk it seemed painful. How does this work? One foot and then the other. Now that my current kid has outgrown the chair she sits on I have been walking more. I hate it so much I will bike the bike to the school, leave it there and then pick it up the next day on my way home.

I have considered a scooter because if Kent has one then I want one! It would be like biking right? Then again I like sitting too. Roller Skates? I am a pro at that but then again we have hills there. I don´t like falling. So, biking is fun and easy and the lazy way of getting around. On the big plus side it keeps me off the bus. Pregnancy does something to my sense of smell. I am like one of those vampires in Twilight, except not so sparkly. Smells are enhanced. Lately Seattle smells, the bus smells, I smell, you smell even though I can't see you.

So, riding a bike solves a lot of problems and gets me less stinky air. I can sit on my nice leather saddle and rub my stomach with one hand, hold onto the handle bars with the other and peddle.

Now that we have reached the benchmark for receiving my bike I hope to bike more and get off the bus. The other day it smelled like a bus full of garden co-op. You know that that's like. So, like me, I took my lavender spray and sprayed that fresh scent around my face and blamo do those two scents DO NOT combine. I ended up getting off the bus because I would rather walk 2 miles than be on the bus. So, I have walked a lot of hills. The other day Capitol Hill smelled so much like vinegar. Is everyone making kombucha?

Don't feel sorry for me. You know, pregnant ladies should exercise. I feel sorry for all those ladies who are stuck in their car and don' t get enough fresh air. Now that sucks!


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