My baby bike

Not actual bike. The test bike I used in July
Now that we have the whole baby situation out there in the world for all to know, we can talk about babies and bikes. In July I bribed the whole family to go with me to G&O Family Cyclery to try out an Edgerunner bike. For a while I had been toying with the idea of putting and Xtracycle on my trusty Redline bike. I love that bike. It is light and fast. After riding around the city. A long time ago I had a whole email conversation with Aaron at Aarons Bicycles in West Seattle about putting a darn Xtracycle on my bike but he really said that I should put it on a mountain bike. I didn't like the idea. I had also discussed this with the guys at 20/20 Cycle and they said they could do it for me. I like them. They are willing to experiment. Somehow I was hesitant because the trailer/bike was an okay solution but at the same time my little baby was growing longer by the second. How much longer before her head pops out of the Burley. The bike/Burley was our main transport since 2007 and by year 2011 I realized that this was not going to hold much longer. I abused that poor thing. I logged lots of miles. Plus, my uses were unorthodox. I did crazy things with that trailer. We used it schlep compost, wood, sukkah stuff, mangos. You name it, we put it in there.

Once on field day I gave kids rides in Volunteer park for school field day. I am sure some parent would have freaked out but I rode only on the grass and it was funny. I remember putting one particularly skinny 5th grader in there. It was fun! What other mother would do that? Yes, I know, I am absolutely bonkers.

After "upgrading" to the Oma bike I thought I had several years out of the Bobike seat that was hacked on the back of my bike. People said many times to make her bike but seriously nobody is going to make their kid bike 10 uphill miles in the morning. It is a challenging route to get to school and home can be equally challenging with all the people rushing to get home in their metal machines. Heck, even some adults would have problems with my route.

So, this Xtracycle kept creeping in my mind. Then as if to answer my problems the Edgerunner was born and being sold. Still hesitant I was skeptical until one day I saw Davey Oil glide up Pine on his. I was sitting on the bus and my kid saw him and was frantically waving and yelling, "Davey Oil!!!" Huh, what oil? Wow, that looks awesome! How can I have that?

So, yes. I am getting and Edgerunner. At first the whole thing was going to just be the Lux version but then I came into the whole, "whoa, I'm pregnant. Now what?" So, I figured I am going to need some kind of push. I loved riding the Madsen with the electric assist so I figured I needed this on my bike. So, I am getting an Xtracycle Edgerunner with an electric assist and I promise it's not cheating. You're still biking. Then my other dilemma. How upright is upright. So right now my bike twin Sara is gleefully riding her Edgerunner tweeked to be much like the Oma bike we share in common. Hummm, so it has me thinking while my bike is still in production issues limbo. Do I need to do what she did so I am  not leaning down on my growing stomach? I don't know. Right now I am fully upright enough to feel good so this is going to be something I put some research testing into.

So, while I wait I consider the following additions for my bike:


I bought a bell because you can't ride a bike without one. I hate saying, "on your left" and frankly a little ding ding doesn't hurt. Plus It's fun right!


Heck, maybe the stock seat is cozy but I want to just sit on my seat. I like this seat made out of cow, mooo!

Uhh, Hello! Who doesn't want a bubble machine strapped to the back of their bike? It would be so much fun and maybe bring joy into lives of otherwise gloomy depressed Northwestern folk. I have seen on several occasions a van drive downtown with a bubble machine strapped to the top of their van and yes it even bring joy to my heart.

I know, I am not in Portland but this light so SO CUTE! My passenger wants to be able to liberally flash a light and have a bell. What better than this bird light/bell. I would like to see it in action but it might be that we will be the test people for a light like this.

I want other stuff but frankly my wallet won't allow me to do it. Plus, if I keep buying these things and shoving them in a corner of the house I won't have room for other stuff like toilet paper. Our house is small. So, that's my bike and what I would like to do it with to start. We didn't even get to the part where I talk about putting a baby on it. Priorities right!


  1. That brass Crane is THE BEST BELL! And we just saw that bubble machine truck the other day and now we want bubbles on board, too! I hadn't gone so far as to look for a bubble machine solution yet, though. I can't wait to hear about the bike in use!

    1. Yeah, I love the bubble van. I might downgrade to a simpler one, who knows. My bike is either ready this week or next.


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