Rainbow of Doom

If you know anything about me you would know that we don't like to buy anything unless we need it. We try to teach our kid between needing something and wanting it. For the last couple month she has been contracted out to do helpful jobs either in the house or as a mother's helper. She even made a group of kids clean. That was funny. So, she has saved up a whole lot of money for stuff she wants. She bought herself a boatload of books at a bookfair and some writing utensils with a fancy pom pom. This was what she wanted.

Imported from Denmark!
Then came the rainbow of doom incident. Some girls have a very competitive mean spirited nature. One girl brought her rainbow loom to school. Now the first girl did it to keep occupied during recess but what happened in the next days was really annoying. Well, the kid with the nasty demeanor also brings her rainbow loom to school, but not to keep occupied but to show off. My kid liked it when the first girl brought it so she begged us for one. When I found out it was all a power play (yes, mean girls style), then I refused the idea of buying her anything rainbow loom plastic craft. We have lots of craft stuff at home. My mother-in-law once sent a french knitting kit. See how cute it is. In any case, we told our kid that she could learn to do that. Who wants to make a plastic bracelet when you can make a soft cozy one? See how cute it is and it came from Denmark.
HUGE loom, like the one Ms. Snotty Pants owns

So, Mr. Peyos, gets on the internet and learns to make a bracelet with the frenchie kit. He is like that, very motivated. That is exactly how he got the job he has now. He bought a couple of books, learned what he needed to and then landed his fancy job. So, when people tell me they can't do something then I really question their motivation. Our kid was midly excited about not having the rainbow loom. Reluctantly she took her French kit to school and low and behold, the snotty girl realized how much more fun yarn is. For a couple of days the french knitting was bliss for my kid and she had a nice time sitting with her friends who found it interesting. A couple of days go by and guess what, Ms. Snotty pants bring in a HUGE round loom. See, I told you. It had nothing to do with making a craft. It's about power. This is is freaking 4th Grade but this happens EVERYWHERE. If you think that your kids school is any better take a good look because similar incidents happen there too. Don't get me started. I have some stories if you bring up the "send your kid to school X because that stuff NEVER happens".

So, now that the whole, my loom is bigger than yours, is over we can go on learning knitting with needles. I wonder if they are considered a dangerous weapon?


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