My rolling cart people like to set on fire. 

Happy Thanksgivingukkah!!

Mr. Peyos hates that term. He even hated it more when he found this video. Yeah, the lady trademarked the term. I find it gross. 
In the days leading to Thanksgiving I have been thinking about Shabbos. Yes, Shabbos. This is the first week I can actually plan and not just free nilly willy put something together. What does our food look like. It has been turkey breast and then a boatload of veggies either raw or roasted. My people like veggies. They also like oats and apples. Oh and I forget nuts. Don't come to our house if you have a nut allergy death wish. 

I do make a cholent for Shabbos day but as I have been told, it is more like chili. So, this means I don't really know how to make cholent but we like it. It goes great over spaghetti. 

So, my daughter and I did some adventures, including looking for battery powered LED lights. We first went to Target and found these. I didn't buy them because they said, "for indoor use, do not expose to moisture". Seattle has tons of moisture. We even have a festival called the Moisture Festival, hahaha.

We also went to eat at Bamboo Garden and I watched my kid eat and I tried to eat also. Yes, I am into my 2nd trimester and food still disgust me. So much for pregnant lady cravings. That lasted a week and nobody bought me what I wanted, pickled herring and crackers. Sometimes when I am walking I might come across a garden and that is where I start to salivate.

Don't worry, I won't steal someone's produce but sometimes pulling a carrot out of the ground and eating it is so hard to control. This must be what cravings were like in the olden days. Women raided their neighbor's gardens.

Then we did a wholelota walking. My kid got a blister, poor baby. She is probably in need of new shoes AGAIN.

On Wednesday we went to Parent Teacher Conferences or what I call torture. At a Jewish school the day gets broken up into two large chunks, Judaics/Hebrew one part of the day and General Studies the other half. Essentially we had to meet with two different teachers for our conferences. The feedback was like night and day. Our kid has a grand time in Judaics but General Studies is another thing. So, we left the school on Wednesday feeling not to pleased. I mean we pay more than 10% of our income so that our kid could go to school here so it annoys us. Yes, private school is expensive.
Latkes I ate with hotsauce

So, this morning started with my kid saying, "Mommy, can you check to see if the Macy's Parade can be streamed on your computer?" (We don't have a TV, shocker!). Huh, what?  I hadn't even had my morning barfy time. I check and nada, so my kid hits the snooze in her head and I am left awake.

A wild turkey is ugly. We have seen them and they are not pretty but they taste yummy. I bought mine on Monday so it could thaw properly in the refrigerator.

So, last night we ate latkes. I had mine with hotsauce and Mr. Peyos enjoyed a homemade beer. If it looks flat that it is because it was put in the wrong type of beer glass. Happy Thanksgiving and 1st day of Chanukah!


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