Voting by Bike

So, we have been hanging on to our election ballots but it is always fun to rush on a bike to turn it in, right? Well, we didn't do that. Somehow I got it in my head that I HAD to turn in the ballot before Halloween. So, I made Mr. Peyos fill out his and I merrily took it to the post office to turn in. I think what bothered my husband most about the mail-in ballot was that we had to put postage on it. Two stamps is not going to kill us financially.

In any case, the last election for mayor was easy. The previous mayor did deal too well with the snow. That "snow storm" disable all services and "has v'shalom", people had to walk to the store. Being car free means your kid walks, gets cozy shoes and just deals. We walked to the store and bought milk and none of us complained. In fact, the snow was fun to walk in.

2008 Seattle Snow, that never quit
Do you remember that snow? Well, here in the Rainier Valley we aren't that fancy and so garbage service ended up being back up for THREE whole weeks. Yes, yummy. The snow ended up merging with dirty diapers other garbage unmentionables. The picture was from one of the earlier days but it was pretty deep and it just kept snowing. We also had nothing plowed. That picture is also looking south at an intersection on Orca/51st Ave.

This year we had so much on that ballot. I didn't realize. So, what am I going to put here instead? A Wednesday WRAP:

  • The awesome Emily Finch had her bike stolen. Oh, people have their bike stolen all the time but she has 6 kiddos to schelp and is living car less. I really hope it doesn't get taken apart. Turns out someone sawed through her Axa lock to get to it.  At first Emily thought she left the keys in the lock but turns out she had her keys the whole time. Taking this beast is really mean and stupid. I want her to recover her bike soon. I can't imgine bussing with so many kids. It would feel like summer camp every day, except rainy and miserable. 
  • The Broadway bike highway continues to be SUPER confusing to people who drive metal machines. I know this portion is not open yet but still somehow it bother me that the Silver Cloud Hotel is making it all oily. I know, this part is not officially opened but seriously, MOVE that van!
This is what an online lecture looks like
  • I finished my epic project for one of my graduate school courses. This was the most painful group project I ever participated it. I spent nights, days, and many Sundays working on it. So, now I can reclaim my Sunday garden time because it looks like a total mess out there.
  • Ada's Technical Books opened. Yeah. I can't wait to get my geek on!
  • yum yum yum yum

  • Probably the most epic part of this week is that I found this yummy pastry and it's kosher. Mr. Peyos claims that it taste like one from his homeland. As much as I would like him to eat the whole thing I didn't want him to. You know, we are getting old. So, I took some slices off and gave the rest to a friend and her family who would enjoy it just as much.
That is a Wednesday Wrap. Can't wait to hear the final voting results.


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