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Back to G & O

I have had a great time with my bike. Like most things, this bike not be for everyone but frankly I feel spoiled. The bike was built up for me. I did have some standard stuff put on the bike but I did add some custom items to make my life better. For one, I wanted to be upright. I couldn't handle the hanging position on my Redline, which isn't even drastic and the Omafiets was dragging me to the ground with speed. I always felt like I could walk faster than biking these days.

Getting the Edgerunner has felt liberating. This year we made a lot of changes in our transportation and our daily schedule so adding the bike has alleviated some of the pain of shopping and just doing errands. Now I can buy lots of stuff. We had actually been hording stuff here at the house. I was able to take it all up that dreaded driveway where it belonged. See that hill and see those boxes. Again, I have not yet learned the art of over packing yet. I have been pretty cautious with my load.

I wanted t…

Biking at Night Seattle, Meaning after 7pm

My first life experience of nightlife was living in London. Yes, I did that too. I was young and stupid and did ridiculous things, like walk late at night all by myself. Yeah, I did that too. It was mostly upsetting because not even my roommate wanted to take these late night walks with me. At night the city looks different and it feels so wonderful.

Then I got married and moved to Copenhagen to live in my husband's homeland. Nightlife there was also exciting but this time I had someone to take long walks with me. People were out late all night. It felt like a city.

When we moved to the big city of Seattle I expected this kind of nightlife. We ditched our car in California, donating it to a Jewish organization, and arrived in Seattle on the Coast Starlight at some crazy hour of midnight. This was going to be our new home for a while. The city looked so quiet so I figured it was the hour.

Then Mr. Peyos noticed something interesting. Starting at 7pm downtown Seattle shuts down. Wha…

Biking Columbia City

Last week we did take an adventure to take stuff to the Goodwill. We made our way down to Columbia City to do some shopping before the impending snowstorm we were suppose to have starting Thursday evening. I don't know what was happening but people were driving crazy. You would think that something really important was happening. Now, we were not worried about the snow but it seems that all those law abiding people in their metal machines were too busy to think about stopping at stop signs and red lights. You know, it is so over to obey the law. So, I have been feeling really anti car lately. I think what blew me over the top was the guy getting hit by the car on the 2nd Ave. painted lane. The ladies response was, "I didn't see you!". No, Shitake Mushroom! Don't drive if you can't see. I DO have a drivers licence and occasionally drive a car2go. Guess what? I actually drive that thing just like a bike. What does that mean? When I come to the crosswalks I mak…

Biking Germs

I don't know about you but I have always felt that when we bike more we get sick less. I suppose it means we are in less crowded places, like the bus and mange to get air right? So, I have noticed that a lovely strain of barfing virus has plagued many of the biking families in the north end of Seattle but this is not were our kid got it from. You would think this wouldn't happen with so much fresh air right? These viruses can come from anywhere despite how careful you are. I thought we were in the clear yesterday because barfing had ceased and my kid was looking peppy.

Night time came and then my kid decided to let it all hurl downstairs while Mr. Peyos directed her to the kitchen sink. Ohh, great for me. Something new to clean right? Not that I am bored or anything. So, we did the whole hazmat routine of cleaning up the mess.

A brief interruption-A story about good business practice:
We had a friend who was trying to find their career path. So for a while they worked with a s…

By Bike: Want to go to the dump

So, like a normal person their is so much I can do to save the environment but sadly I end up stuff that frankly has to go to the dump. We try but sometimes we fail. One thing we end up with is moldy stuff. I can only imagine that this is because we live in the Pacific Northwest. We had no idea about moisture until we left a stroller outside on the porch the first year we lived here and it got moldy. It was a fancy stroller and we were not too happy about it.

So, I turned to the Seattle Family Biking Facebook page to ask about going to the dump. I never am under an illusion that I am inventing some task because I am sure someone else has done it. I put my question out there and it looks like I had few responses. My plan was to go to the one close to Theo Chocolate because it is just easier for me to get there, odd right. I hear the attendant is nice and maybe would take a food bribes. Alas, my kid came down with the barfing virus that has plagued a boat load of kids at our little shul…

No Spandex Required Goes to City Hall

The whole No Spandex Required mishpacha  went to City Hall on Wednesday. Yes, Mr. Peyos, his mini me and pregnant me were there to show our support for the Bicycle Master Plan. At first we were just going to be there as support for Madi of Family Ride who was signed up to talk on behalf of the family cargo group but her kids got sick. So, I said I would go and say something.

Ahh, but I had to get there. First, I needed to make sure our family was fed. So, I did the crazy route that nobody likes to bike with me. I biked from the house, north on to Martin Luther King, turned west on Alaska and then right on to Beacon Ave. You basically keep going straight and go over the Jose Rizal Bridge. It is the common vote that nobody likes this bridge in this house but I found it the fast way to get Bamboo Garden, the only kosher restaurant in Seattle. The other kosher places are not in Seattle. Does getting bagels count as getting kosher dinner? I ended up biking under the Alaska viaduct and that…

How many miles per Hour on an Edgerunner?

So, the inaugural ride on the Edgerunner was interesting. I always feel that Mr. Peyos and I have WAY different opinions on routes. For one I am person schlepping a human being and now I am schlepping two! One out of my tummy and other one safe and warm and cozy inside.

The ride home was slightly aggravating. I did not like the choice of some of the ride. Someone almost got a banana thrown at them.

I think my life is just easier if I can choose the route and figure it out for myself. So Monday I picked my kid up from school but first had to get there. When we traveled with the Burley I had some crazy routes. My bike was light and the kid was even lighter. To illustrate my crazy route I will show you.
Day 1 of bike pool: Wait, Monday was suppose to be Snowmaggedon. Doesn't this always happen on Mondays? I actually sat and waiting in a coffee shop with my laptop and waited for the impending doom of snow. Look, I wasn't worried but my daughter's school was.  They even sent out…

My Edgerunner is Magical

On Sunday, the coldest day of the year the whole mishpacha (family) went up to G&O to pick up my bike. I gave a brief low down of being at the shop and picking up my bike. I have yet to master the art of overpacking the bike. Every time I put something in those X2 bags I feel like Mary Poppins. What else can I fit in there? Better yet, what is hiding in there. At first I wasn't going to upgrade to the fancy bags but now I am just happy I did.

Mr. Peyos met us there on his bike but got lost because he has never been anywhere north of the Fremont. I gave him biking instructions and he arrived all out of breath because biking uphill on 8th Ave NW was more than he was used to. Oh Danes and their flat flat roads. Then again, he has never biked our pinky pie kid around so he has NO idea. We actually arrived before him despite taking our sweet sweet time looking for a backlava at Target. As I have said, my kid loves fashion. She would NEVER dream of wearing something blue on her head…

Snow, Snow, Oh no!

Monday night we had the possibility to see the white stuff and maybe some people saw this but down here at 200ft we saw nothing. I actually don't worry about snow biking conditions. What I worry about is ice. I have had several falls on ice and I really do not want to repeat this. Last year when we took several icy walks my daughter and I skated down the hill from the house. We had not intended to skate down the hill but we did. I don't care if I am walking or biking, I just don't want to fall. I already fell once a couple of weeks ago on the bus for crying out loud. It was slippery and my skirt got caught on a lady who was intent on having her legs extended in the isle. I was sore for a couple of days but managed. Biking was easier than walking.

Now that the weather is getting colder the possibility of snow is upon us but Cliff Mass has said we are in a neutral El Nino year, dry dry and boring. Why are us folk in Seattle so scared of snow? For one, I think their are abou…

Pregnancy Bike Dreams

I have had the most vivid dream already three times. Basically it involved me receiving my bike. Mr. Peyos and I walk into G&O and then Mr. Peyos begins to protest. He is not mad or angry. In this instant he does something so unlike him. At this point Davey and Tyler go, "Meh, we are going to go to lunch now and lock the door behind." Mr Peyos retorts with, "I'm going to sit on all the Brooks saddles!"  I guess the dream is not funny unless you get the details of what he does that makes Davey and Tyler go meh. In any case unless you are the dudes at G&O you will just have to speculate on what my hubby did in the dream.
We laughed so hard this Shabbos about this dream and Mr. Peyos gave his own variations on how that scenario could go. I think I was in tears from laughing and my daughter made up a song. Oh boy! So, we are close to this bike. It is now in Seattle and being worked on.

So, I love the Facebook page for the Seattle Family Biking. It is such …