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I have had a great time with my bike. Like most things, this bike not be for everyone but frankly I feel spoiled. The bike was built up for me. I did have some standard stuff put on the bike but I did add some custom items to make my life better. For one, I wanted to be upright. I couldn't handle the hanging position on my Redline, which isn't even drastic and the Omafiets was dragging me to the ground with speed. I always felt like I could walk faster than biking these days.

Getting the Edgerunner has felt liberating. This year we made a lot of changes in our transportation and our daily schedule so adding the bike has alleviated some of the pain of shopping and just doing errands. Now I can buy lots of stuff. We had actually been hording stuff here at the house. I was able to take it all up that dreaded driveway where it belonged. See that hill and see those boxes. Again, I have not yet learned the art of over packing yet. I have been pretty cautious with my load.

I wanted the oodles of paper towels, paper cups, compostable flatware OUT of my house! So, I took them up the hill and Mr. Peyos unloaded them for me.

Side Note: What's so hard about composting? It is still a mystifying task. I mean, EVERYTHING for this location is compostable. All you have to do it put in the correct bin. How hard is that? I don't want prizes or accolades. I just want YOU to compost. There, I got it out of my system. DO IT!

Our next vacation barfing free activity was to make our way up to G&O to exchange a part on my bike, nothing major seriously. My console didn't light up but I knew that when I got the bike and was expected to come in and exchange it when it arrived.

We went the long way passed the viaduct and up through the Ballard Locks. It was early so nobody was there. On our ride we played the ABC game and we were on letter Q. My kid stopped to look at the sign to see if she could spot a Q word. No luck.

We made our way across, walking the bike. It is a hefty fine if you decide to ride your bike. Also, this is a US Federal area so we have to be careful with obeying the law.

Now that we were in daylight hours I decided to find the new and improved Missing Link infrastructure. My guess is that it is not close to being finished. I could tell that it was only in one direction for cars but was I going the wrong way on the bike? Cars were confused too because two cars came in the opposite direction towards us. As far as I understand the only car traffic should be eastbound. Plus, the side that was suppose to be for bicyclist has all those railroad tracks. No thanks, I don't want to slide a tire into one of those. I tried to take pictures but my biking and picture taking is bad with gloves on. You can see some kind of lane marker on the road.
I need a class or some more instruction. Getting from Shilshole to here was a pain in the arse. That street is like a mega highway. People drive so FAST. If you want to cross the street forget it but somehow we managed.

As confused as I am I just staying in the car lane and headed eastbound. Nobody was behind me so it didn't matter. You can also see my new handy phone holder. If the battery every runs low I can charge it from this position. Another plus of getting the Lux Edgerunner I am telling you. You can also tell I had the bike on maximum assist.

We arrived at G&O and visited Davey Oil for a bit as he was painting the floor in the bathroom. We looked around the shop and my kid wants one of those bike blankets Mrs. Oil makes. They sure are nice and cozy looking. I might ask if she can make a 9 year old size one. See the disappointment in not getting a cozy blanket. Oh well, next time. Look at those cute capes in the background. If you have a little person buy them one. They are so cozy.

As Mr. Peyos was feeling better we made our way down hill to meet him and wait the hour he had until he was ready to go home. It was fun biking down Fremont Ave. WHEEEE! Don't worry, we are completely stopped at the light. I would never run a red light unless I was in serious danger. By the time Mr. Peyos was ready to leave it was dark and we made our way through downtown and home. When we got home it turns out the electricity had gone out in a large part of the neighborhood. We live in a strange pocket where if the lights go out in Seward Park, us and 5 other houses have electricity.

What was the problem?

Yeah, seriously, how dare that pole just jump out of nowhere and crash into that car. This caused chaos on Rainier Ave as those people who drive the metal machines think nobody would dare to cross the street and just go through all the non working lights. Mr. Peyos stopped all four lanes of traffic and got us safely across the street. I love him! Our house had power as I predicted. As we came on our hill I left my kid with my husband and made my way to to pick up pizza dough and it was dark except for me and my rockin light! One of the neighbors without power came out to check conditions and I informed him that the power was out from as far as Martin Luther King. Yet, another fantastic ride and this time with my husband for the part in the dark. I love my bike.


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