Biking Germs

Back when we thought we contracted whopping cough.
Like the mask?

I don't know about you but I have always felt that when we bike more we get sick less. I suppose it means we are in less crowded places, like the bus and mange to get air right? So, I have noticed that a lovely strain of barfing virus has plagued many of the biking families in the north end of Seattle but this is not were our kid got it from. You would think this wouldn't happen with so much fresh air right? These viruses can come from anywhere despite how careful you are. I thought we were in the clear yesterday because barfing had ceased and my kid was looking peppy.

Night time came and then my kid decided to let it all hurl downstairs while Mr. Peyos directed her to the kitchen sink. Ohh, great for me. Something new to clean right? Not that I am bored or anything. So, we did the whole hazmat routine of cleaning up the mess.

A brief interruption-A story about good business practice:
We had a friend who was trying to find their career path. So for a while they worked with a sofer (A Jewish scribe of sorts). On a certain occasion a client came in to the business and said that he wanted his money back because the tefillin (phylactery) he purchased were pasul (not valid). The sofer checked on the spot and said he would absolutely return the man's money. The sum the client said he paid, $700. When the man left the sofer said that they were not tefillin he had made because it wasn't his handwriting. The assistant asked why he took them and didn't say he didn't make them. The sofer explained that it was best that the client think he is a good business man than think that he was cheated. This takes a special someone on a certain madrega (level) to do this.

When we heard this story we bought my husband his Rabenau Tam tefillin and after that we have purchased other items from him just because of this story. Our paths have crossed even though we have never met the man in person. What do you see? The sofer didn't yell at the client. Instead he acted calm and rational. So, this is a real holy man. His nature was revealed in this story. In my experience with customer service it has been good. I am a patent person. If someone messes up I might try again but if a mess up happens every single time it is really time to move on. In the mist of illness I got to deal with an order issue. You know what is weird, this is the first hostile response I have ever received. Mr. Peyos works for a large company that deals with complaints all the time. One was very publicly Twittered and guess what, the company politely sent a request to contact them at such and such address and they would be happy to work it out. The company never said, that life for the world is so much better with them, sheeesh, Now that would be douche like. So that is my story. See the difference.Take what you want out of this.

Back to illness:
In any case, we have been home almost all week because of this barfing virus that keeps going around. We haven't spread it more because look where we are, home. Sure we went out on the bike but we made little or no close contact with people.The school we pay tuition at has another more interesting virus going around and it's not barf. One of my friends had her daughter in the hospital for pneumonia and is still home recovering and weak, poor kid. I hate when kids get sick, they are so miserable to look at. The mess to clean up is one thing but their faces are so sad. This is where we are.

I love you bike!

In biking news I discovered stuff about my bike. For one. I have a USB charger connected to my front light hub. So, for fun we sat on the bike and charged my phone. You can do that with the Rolling Jackass. Fun huh! I have an indoor trainer

See that black box with the white plastic? You can stick something USB in there. Nice huh. I knew my bike had this but it took me until the other day to realize it was there. I am sure Davey Oil told me about when when I got the bike but I was kinda spacing out. I space out without being pregnant so I can't blame that baby for not paying attention.

That is how bikey we get when we are at home.


  1. Oh noes! Stay hydrated!

    1. Thanks! Turns out we are pretty barf free today so we managed to bike to the store and stock up because it is suppose to snow later in the evening and that turns our dear Seattle into chaos.

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