By Bike: Want to go to the dump

So, like a normal person their is so much I can do to save the environment but sadly I end up stuff that frankly has to go to the dump. We try but sometimes we fail. One thing we end up with is moldy stuff. I can only imagine that this is because we live in the Pacific Northwest. We had no idea about moisture until we left a stroller outside on the porch the first year we lived here and it got moldy. It was a fancy stroller and we were not too happy about it.

So, I turned to the Seattle Family Biking Facebook page to ask about going to the dump. I never am under an illusion that I am inventing some task because I am sure someone else has done it. I put my question out there and it looks like I had few responses. My plan was to go to the one close to Theo Chocolate because it is just easier for me to get there, odd right. I hear the attendant is nice and maybe would take a food bribes. Alas, my kid came down with the barfing virus that has plagued a boat load of kids at our little shul. We thought we were SO careful. Oh well, we had one day of barfing, culminating in a finally barfing episode that was projectile like. This meant more laundry for me because my kid likes to be cozy and has about 50 baby blankets on her bed.  So, my Monday was a bust but my house is clean. I had a lot of time on my hands.

So, Tuesday has been a recovery day but I was itching to get out on my bike. I needed to go. We have been in the process of getting rid of stuff so I had a whole pile of stuff that needed to go to the Goodwill. So, here we are dropping off books and other reusable stuff.

We rolled up to the 2 lane donation station and the guy chuckled or snorted. I couldn't tell. Then as I was deploying the Rolling Jackass he thought I was going to dump the bike. Sheesh, I know what I am doing!

I had Ms. Pinky barfy face unload the bike. By this time she wasn't throwing up and I figured if she needed to throw up it would be less tragic than on the bus. Right? Excellent parenting, telling my kid to lean over and hurl it on the road.

We biked out and made our way to do other errands which included getting an asthma inhaler and heavy groceries. By heavy I mean flour, oil, glass jars and other stuff. QFC on Rainier Ave. has the worst bike parking. What do you call this? Plus that can was blocking the whole thing. I could never get a bike in here. It's just another jungle gym for kids as you can see. After this we shoved off and I caught my kid trying to surf on back of the bike. This only goes to prove she is mine. I would have totally done something like that at that age. I didn't even know because I was too busy concentrating on the road. So, your kid can also surf on an Edgerunner but I highly DO NOT recommend it!

Instead we parked here:

Yes, hate me now. I mean, I need something solid to connect the u-lock to and in reality we have been parking here with the Omafiets and also with the trailer long before the Edgerunner.

This spot can get tricky if lots of people want ice or when 5 people decided to smoke in this spot. Today two drug addicts were having a pow-wow.

After this, we went over to BikeWorks to show Steve the bike and just say hello. I advised my kid to stay away from breathing space of other humans so we don't pass on this virus to some unsuspecting soul. We didn't go far but it was good practice for the morning bike commute we plan to do on Wednesday, that is if we don't get snow. Again? Threat of snow, yup. Like I said, I am more afraid of ice and it is really hard to see in the dark.


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