No Spandex Required Goes to City Hall

The whole No Spandex Required mishpacha  went to City Hall on Wednesday. Yes, Mr. Peyos, his mini me and pregnant me were there to show our support for the Bicycle Master Plan. At first we were just going to be there as support for Madi of Family Ride who was signed up to talk on behalf of the family cargo group but her kids got sick. So, I said I would go and say something.

Ahh, but I had to get there. First, I needed to make sure our family was fed. So, I did the crazy route that nobody likes to bike with me. I biked from the house, north on to Martin Luther King, turned west on Alaska and then right on to Beacon Ave. You basically keep going straight and go over the Jose Rizal Bridge. It is the common vote that nobody likes this bridge in this house but I found it the fast way to get Bamboo Garden, the only kosher restaurant in Seattle. The other kosher places are not in Seattle. Does getting bagels count as getting kosher dinner? I ended up biking under the Alaska viaduct and that whole thing is one big mess. Don't bike on that path just go on the road. The kosher food is on Roy near the Seattle Center so I had to get from the waterfront up to the Space Needle.
I biked up the path that takes you up there and was going so fast I almost hit the column that said SLOW. Okay, I get it, next time I promise. I stopped to take a picture of Elliot Bay. Oh, and you can see the extra pad we added and the lights around the Hooptie and the three blinking lights. Paranoid much?

I retrieved our food, made sure my dinner was extra spicy and my daughter's had lots of broccoli. I needed to get to Amazon to meet Mr. Peyos before picking up my kid. How the heck do I get from the Seattle Center to Lake Union? I have never done it. So, I looked at a Google Map and ended up in the Mercer Mess. It was scary and so I decided to take one whole lane. Yes, hate me now! I turned right on Dexter and it was smooth sailing but was a mistake. I didn't take a picture because I have yet to manage taking pictures with my cozy gloves. This is where I decided to stop bike toward what I think was Amazon. Don't have me lead a ride. I will get us all lost and you will really hate me.

Now I totally get the Mercer Mess. What a nightmare. 

The rest is boring because nothing happened. My kid and I ate some of the dinner and then allow Mr. Peyos to consume the rest and then made our way to City Hall. Seattle City Hall, get more bike racks! Two is not good enough. Forget about locking your cargo bike to something. Mr. Peyos managed to lock his bike and we locked our bike to his. We met another cargo family and then waited for our turns to talk. I was distracted and maybe didn't express what I wanted but the guy before me said some really stupid things and I was mostly angry about the conditions of pedestrian accessibility that day I ended up not expressing the following: We moved to Seattle from California and intended to be car free because it looked bikable. We don't want a car and really appreciate the changes in bike infrastructure. We need more infrastructure in the Rainier Valley. Everything is nice up north but guess what? Lots of low income people ride bikes down here. People also walk and take public transit. Blind people, people on respirators, old people, young people, all walk and I have seen near misses. So, I was fired up about safe streets for everyone, especially down here where we needed traffic calming Greenways yesterday. Then how to say that in 2 minutes? Oh well, next time right! Gordon from Seattle Neighborhood Greenways facilitated our speaking early and that was nice. 

We biked home with the really sweet other cargo family. The woman had biked in her G&O made Bullitt bike with 3 little kids. Actually she is customer #1. My bike twin is customer #2 and I am #3. Ohh, fancy. I know the first three, impressive. They were happy and jolly and even made a grumpy bike hating man less grumpy. The highlight which made my kid laugh hard was when her littlest son took the mic in his mouth and start to chew it. How fun is that! After the mic chewing we left. Our new friends were on our way so why not. We did what Mr. Peyos hates, bike down Dearborn. I have to admit, that painted bike lane leads to a major highway. Ughh, Seattle Master Plan start here. I figured between the two lady cargo bikes we would look like one huge car side by side. Turns out I was correct. From behind I look like an interesting motorcycle. People honked and waved. Hello!

After we dropped off our new friends we proceeded on a street parallel to Rainier Ave. and then biked the rest of the way south on Martin Luther King. What is on our way home? Oh yes, ice cream. My kid has viking blood and so this is what they do, eat ice cream in the cold. I bought her two scoops she could eat on the bike and bought a flavor to eat at home because I am not viking at all.
What was my No Spandex millage for that day? 17.8 miles, not including the bike pool pick up. All this while pregnant! Don't worry, my doctor is happy about my biking and hasn't really made faces or comments about it so there. 


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