Pregnancy Bike Dreams

I have had the most vivid dream already three times. Basically it involved me receiving my bike. Mr. Peyos and I walk into G&O and then Mr. Peyos begins to protest. He is not mad or angry. In this instant he does something so unlike him. At this point Davey and Tyler go, "Meh, we are going to go to lunch now and lock the door behind." Mr Peyos retorts with, "I'm going to sit on all the Brooks saddles!"  I guess the dream is not funny unless you get the details of what he does that makes Davey and Tyler go meh. In any case unless you are the dudes at G&O you will just have to speculate on what my hubby did in the dream.

We laughed so hard this Shabbos about this dream and Mr. Peyos gave his own variations on how that scenario could go. I think I was in tears from laughing and my daughter made up a song. Oh boy! So, we are close to this bike. It is now in Seattle and being worked on.

So, I love the Facebook page for the Seattle Family Biking. It is such a good support group. In general I find Facebook annyoing and before joining this group I had quit 2 times already. Facebook becomes either too polical, religious or just diareah. On my personal Facebook I like to log my food accounts. Did I eat today, was I having barfy time. Yes, I am in my 2nd trimester and have barfy time. I save my stomach space for real food like vegetables. On Sunday we went to our friend's Chanukah party and I snubbed all the yummy stuff people were drooling about. I didn't eat cheese dip with chips, burmelos, chocolate covered cookies, or chocolate dip. Instead I dug head first into the veggie platter and then ate pickled veggies another friend  brought. Then the holy grail of food arrived, a HUGE salad. I looked crazed eating that salad. I think I packed in half the bowl in my stomach.

We had actually eaten a ton of veggies Friday night and the BEST soup ever. Even better when a teenager makes it. It was so good my kid ate it. She likes to eat food that resembles it's original source. That was probably because while I was pregnant with her I also ate my way through a lot of fruit and veggies. Yes, I was SUPER large that time but all I could pack in was natural.

Back to my love of the Seattle Family Biking Facebook page. Anyhoo, I have had multiple offers to take a peek at my bike while Davey and Tyler work on it but really have just left it like that. What happens today? Someone from Twitter, tweets me a picture of my bike. It was the best thing that could happen! In between my boughts of barfy time and writing a term paper I oogled this picture.

Yes, that is my bike. If you want to freak out Davey and Tyler just go over there and say, "What's with the profide on the wall?". I will probably freak and gross them out at the same time, hahaha.  I'm excited. I might even meet my bike twin Sara and we can be double bike twins! Sara got her bike already but she had different needs. Apparently we both have Omafiets and have homemade pizza once a week. We have so much in common.

I would have gone there myself but I have a term paper to do and then got a phone call from school to pick up my feverish child. Honestly, I thought she was faking the whole thing so I just sent her to school. I had a gut feeling that I was going to have to pick her up.

So, now we are home, having cozy time and and in a little I will be making soup because we Jews will either feed you until you get better or fat.


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