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Put a menorah on it/How many bikes do I really own?

If you follow me on some kind of social media you might have seen my photo shopped bike menorah for almost every day of Chanukah. I might have given the impression that I own a ton of bikes. So, this is a good opportunity to go deeper behind the meaning of all those bikes and how I manged to bike them. Here goes, bike menorah by day;

1st Night Chanukah-The Bullitt Menorah

So, the genisis of the usage of the Bullitt bike happened when I posted Hvorfor Ikke? In Danish it means, "Why not?" It was my failed attempt at something that didn't happen but in the end this worked out for the best.   Someone in the Jewish community read my blog post about it and was happy to lend me one. Isn't that amazing!!  One day I picked up the bike and you get Bullitt at my Door. So, I borrowed the bike for an extended honey moon where I learned that the bike is fun but not really meant for me. My exploits are detailed in Bullitt in my Pocket (part 1 and part 2). I know some bloggers write…

Home Sweet Bikey Home

I did eventually pick up my bike Kiss kiss, love! My family stayed home because the trip for someone with two kids on a bus was too traumatic. So, I ventured alone, hopped in a car2go and made my way north. Hey, their was some sports thing going on so I ended up stuck behind people who were more important than everyone else. I almost witnessed a family in an SUV almost hit a woman crossing the street with two little kids. Everyone in that scenario was dressed in that team sports stuff. What's with the rush? They were all going to the same place. I don't get it.

Oh but before I got the car I have to complain about the lovely on street sidewalk. This is a great place for drivers to plow into me. You see it? This is a problem. People pulling into the bank don't see you coming out of that hamster tunnel.

I think when I got to the shop I declared my feelings about sports stuff.

 I had some time to kill because my BionX needed to charge. I wanted to do a major shopping trip whi…

YOU'RE a BIG pain!!

You're SO really think this blog is about you.......
Ahh, I'm not talking about ANYONE! So, get over yourself. This blog is about me and my quest for cheese, gefilte fish, and bike lanes.

What's this pain? I am talking about my physical pain. Maybe I mentioned it before but I have sciatica which was the result of trying to birth the first kid. I am going to tell you. I tried. I was in labor so long. So, my back is out of wack and if I don't keep active then it slowly becomes inflamed and BAM, I am immobile. It is the worst feeling ever. How can this be? Since the baby I have been less active and so it has slowly been building until one Friday morning I was basically lying on the ground letting both kids use me as a jungle gym.

Let's backtrack. Before I reached this point I was without a bike because I took it on an Epic trip to Greenlake. I have another pain. Guess what, it's Rainier Ave.
The week involved a lot but what I really wanted to do was …

Epic Bike Trips are EPIC

It is almost a year of owning the Edgerunner and it has been whispering something to me, "take me to a check-up". The whisper became louder and I had no choice but to bring it in. Oh but baby Peyos is not able to ride on my bike yet so this was a hard thing to plan. The baby eats food but he is still nursing and needs me since I am a baby water bottle.

I put a call out to invite people from the family bike group to join me on my epic voyage so I wouldn't be alone on my ride. Here is the note I sent out:

JOIN ME. Sunday November 16th What: I will be biking to G&O from Seward Park. The voyage will be epic, their may be crying, coffee and beer. Route: I am will be taking the "crazy route" from Seward Park to downtown up 2nd and then along Westlake. Once I get to Fremont I will bike up that mega hill I may or may not have use of the BionX so it you see me cheer me on or scream "CHEATER"". It you are interested in biking with me PM me and we …

Sukkos by Bike

Aww, the chagim are over and we are just left with Chesvan, bummer. My last post was about murder and I did not even blog after that. Maybe you thought on my quest for cheese something happened. Well, I am here and survived the many meals we ate during Tishrei. Actually I made sure we ate lots of vegetables. Our guest were forced to eat a plethora of raw vegetables because they taste better that way and I am lazy. We had some interesting meals, many of them were just slapped together and eaten with raw vegetables. If you don't eat those things that grow from the earth you would have had a hard time at our house. My daughter finds kids who eat pure candy a mystery. Sure she likes candy and we let her have it but never in a way that she screams, "CANDY!!" She's just like that.

Hold on a moment! What did our sukkah look like? There you go, in all the glory of a typically Seattle Sukkos. Cold and burr. I heard about the heated sukkah someone had, including a sink!!

FYI: …

Mercer Island at Night or A great place to get murdered

We ran out of cheese and panic set in around the house. This meant that Baby Peyos was left with Mr. Peyos at home while I raced across the I-90 to fulfill our need for cheesy goodness. I waited until the last possible moment when it is questionable if you need bike lights or not. I made my way across the lovely I-90 bridge and based on all our other adventures you know that I am required to make this trip because other people have vertigo. The bike ride to the island was uneventful and I mostly encountered people who were commuting. Not one person with a spandex wedge, sigh.

I bought my load of lots of beer, cheese, gefilte fish and other stuff and made my way home. What happened? Someone turned off the lights! It was so dark. The park on the island has zero lights. As bright as my lights are, they don't light up everything. It is so interesting how many people walk on the path alone in the dark. Why? Who are you? I had no time to do a full out interview. How dark was it? Close …


I have been called a lot of things but cheater? Come on! In any case, the grocery store shopping has happened less frequent than before so this means when we need food we really need food. Also, we love to eat cheese and our need for large 5 lb blocks of kosher cheese are located at stores on Mercer Island or up north at University Village. Other things we need are gefilte fish but I have settled myself with sardines because my husband likes them best.

Not too long ago I went solo across the I-90 bridge to retrieve these delicacies and other stuff. I am still nursing Baby Peyos. Frankly, like the first kid, he will probably be nursing the next two years. I usually give him a good feeding and then leave him with Mr. Peyos and race across the bridge.

So, yes, it looks like I am in a super race, a race against time when my baby will want more milkies. I decided to try the other store for this mythical cheese block, QFC. When I got across the bridge I encountered my always issue with QFC,…

A new "protected" bike experiment on Seattle's 2nd Ave/Sher Kung Bikeway

I feel busy. Wait, I am busy. Taking that one class is no joke. Also, the myriad of other things I have taken on take up a lot of time and then we have Baby Peyos cuddle pants. He is one opinionated person. Okay, he is 5 months but sheesh, he is one big surprise. At our 4 month appointment we discussed with the pediatrician his growing interest in food. At kiddish he would smack his lips and indicate that he be given some. So, I started making baby food and we started feeding him. Yes, I am still nursing him. The only liquid he will get will be from me.  This means we were back to pumping so that I can "water" down the baby food. MOO MOO, that's the sound my machine makes.

As eventful as our home life is we took a brief trip on Monday downtown to try to meet with another bike family. We were up and ready and then what happens? Oh, Baby Peyos needs a nap and then he wants his baby food. Don't get me wrong, he LOVES nursing but if he can get food, watch out! By the ti…

Meanwhile..people's safety is compromised

Last week was so horrific. The week started out great and then a car slammed into a building on Rainier Ave. and then the next day a woman gets hit by a large truck on 2nd Ave and dies. So, those people out there who have nothing better than feel sorry for themselves should really pick themselves up because other people are suffering much more. In fact, pick up one of Shalom Arush's books and really read it.

Rainier Ave is one of those places where people in cars speed and ignore pedestrians. We were about to leave the house to the library and I quickly checked my Twitter feed to find that Rainier Ave. was blocked off, this meant the bus was halted. So, rather than sit at a bus stop we delayed our trip.

City engineer inspecting structural integrity of building. Building has two large cracks
— Seattle Fire Dept (@SeattleFire) August 28, 2014
I never understand this. Now the woman who owns the salon is out her whole business. She had just remolded.  Worse…

The heaviest load

On August 10th we finally moved into our new place. The new landlady is also our old landlady. After 5 years of our tiny living we decided to upgrade for many different reasons. The landlady has very nice houses. Like I said earlier, I recruited children to help me and the landlady move her things around in the basement. So, on a warm day 3 kids under bar and bas mitzvah age shuttled the contents of the tiny house to the larger house. Remember, it is next door so not even a bike was required.

People are always impressed that these kids manage to do real work. Several years ago when they were little we went and picked fruit at a neighbors house and in return we cleaned up the yard of all the rotten fruit. Another year this trio picked the fruit from our trees and then delivered the excess to anyone who would take plums. I see this happening again because their is much talk about the "ancient pears".

Let's take a look at kid labor:

The contents of this room were to be wal…