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What's that noise?

The other day I asked Mr. Peyos to put air in my back tire. This even happened after we recorded our serial numbers for our bikes. Someone had to get down on the ground and take a look under each bike. It was interesting. I tried then rolled to my side and had the bike help me up. One of the great things about my special bike is that I put that rolling jackass kickstand on it. If I crouch down to put stuff in my Mary Poppins bags (X2 bags) I need a little help getting off the ground. So, I use the bike as an anchor and it doesn't fall on me. Not sure if this was one of the design critera, "must be able to help pregnant ladies get off the ground". That should be in the description.

In any case, after the air filling, I rode the bike that day and could hear a scrap, scrap. It sounded like something was in the fender so I figured if a leaf got stuck it would clear itself out soon enough. The scraping got worse so I let out some air. This lessened the noise but still I could…

Biking for Stuff

One of my friends had a baby and the name dropping/bris was going to happen this week. See the cupcakes, result of my daughters baking school. This meant Mr. Peyos's other job of shul shamas required that we give him a hand in set up for the main event. Since we are friends with this family we wanted to do something special. My daughter wanted to make sure the store bought cake had tiny babies all over it and she wanted us to buy flowers. On one day we biked to BikeWorks and left the bikes there and took the train down to Southcenter Mall. From there we took a bus and walked all over the place. We walked all the way to Party City. Crazy. Who walks down there? Probably the highlight for my kid and husband was going into Guitar Center and trying out a bass. Their was only one that fit my kid so we didn't buy it. We like to shop around.

The next day we finished up our errands and my daughter and I biked to the Safeways on Rainier and Andover. Little did we know that a major accid…

Biking while Pregnant is Dangerous

After recounting our boring less bikey days at home and our foggy morning adventure I made my way to my monthly appointment to see how my baby is growing. Unlike the first pregnancy this one is really interesting. My morning sickness is kind of a hit and miss when it will happens. I used to have it every day in the morning, then it occurred every 3 mornings and then it was sporadic and at night. Is this TMI? I don't know but seriously this is how it has happens.

I parked my bike at the Central Library next to this blue bike with the cool logo.I love that heart. I made my way up to my appointment. Little did I know the building where my OBGYN is DOES have bike parking in the garage. I had no idea until I asked, duh!!

During my visit my doctor and I discussed my ongoing morning sickness saga. At one point my doctor said I didn't have to suffer and she could offer me something for that, drugs. I didn't want them in hopes that it would go away. My check-ups have been pretty n…

Stuck at Home

Last week we were stuck at home for 3 days. My daughter got sick again! It is really annoying how sick she has been this year. I don't know what to think. We feed her right and make sure she gets enough fresh air and exercise. Having a kid is almost like having a pet! Except this pet has a mind of their own, hahaha. So, Monday she stayed at home resting and sleeping. Tuesday she slept in and then took two whopping naps. This only meant that I got to clean the house. I am always cleaning. I also made two meals for families bigger than ours. I got to bike to Mercer Island behind degraded spandex. Ohh, lala. Monday I made a meal and then Tuesday made one. This required that I try to get someone to come to my house to pick up this cheesy yummy lasagna made with only Schtark cheese. The name cracks me up! Before Mr. Peyos left for work he stayed home with our kid so I can get the remaining ingredients.

I went to the Safeway on Othello/Martin Luther King. I hate shopping there because t…

Biking for Cheese

I needed cheese and was not going to go through the agony of the great cheese debacle that took place late 2013. No thanks! So, to prove a point to myself I biked over to the Island where you can get kosher cheese. The stores that carry kosher products are no where near my home. Mercer Island has two stores and then the other place is up at University Village. While I prefer not to shop on Mercer Island I found that for my purpose it was going to be closer than biking north.

In the morning I have been braving the bus and taking my kid to school. We manage to get the nice seats in the back most of the time. My kid has gotten so darn sick this year I don't know what to think. Actually, I think it is stress caused by a certain teacher, but that is for another post. So, we are sitting on the bus and I look over at her face and her eyes are puffy from lack of sleep, she is trying to blow her nose and then blood stars oozing from her face. GREAT!!! This was just the way I wanted to sta…

Baking School/Bike Exploration

This is week 2 of baking school for our kid. After a month of whining we decided to get her out of the house and with the possibility of making new friends. Some of the whining had to do with our yucky illness and then a lack of someone to play with.  We heard a lot of, "what can I do now?", all while I am cleaning the floor, bathroom, sink, cleaning, you know. I asked her to clean her room but that only goes so far.
So, just to get her out of our face we decided to enroll her in a 4 week baking school class for girls her age. She went the first week great! The first class the girls made sugar cookies and then decorated them.Our daughter brought her apron to protect her from flour, sugar and frosting. Turns out one of the girls asked the teacher if she could lick anything that fell. If the batter fell she wanted to lick it and if the frosting fell she wanted to lick it. Luckily, this teacher was really into hygiene and said NO! This gave me confidence that the next session w…

Biking at 6 Months Pregnant

So, it has almost been a month (I got the bike on December 8th) since I have been riding with my new handy Edgerunner. I love that bike! At this point I have logged a non-impressive 300 miles. It might have been more but I switched out the console and that made me start logging my miles at 0 again. I wish I could have added the miles to the current console. Oh well. The reason I say it is non-impressive is that in a typical month I could easily log more than that, maybe close to 500 miles. So, I am short by a whole bunch. Then again, my excuse has been the barfy virus our family got and days where I frankly just wanted to stay at home and take a whack at the weeds in my garden. So, I have to choose between biking or gardening. I can't do both in the same day, at this point it is impossible.
Right now I am in month 6 of this pregnancy. Compared to the pregnancy with my twinkle toes princess I have yet to burst out of my clothes and run to the maternity store. I like my clothes big …

Vacation Mussings

My daughter has had a longer vacation than expected. She missed the last week before school went on break because of that gross and disgusting barfing virus. No matter how hard I cleaned our house I got it 5 days latter and then my husband the next day after me. Lucky for me, I did a fast recovery. Mr. Peyos was not so lucky and despite my clean-up routine he did a less than fast recovery. I washed so much. Our house never looked so clean, especially the bathroom. So, after my husband recovered I spent more time making sure the house was cleaned from that. During his most gross days we left the house so he could barf in peace. So, our actual first week of vacation was spent on clean-up. We did manage to do two fun things which I wrote about. You know, riding in the dark? Oh yeah.
We have been riding our bike, enjoying the Seattle gloom and the few instances of sunshine. Probably the highlight so far was taking a tour with a bikey family group to explore the Beacon Hill Greenway. It w…