Baking School/Bike Exploration

This is week 2 of baking school for our kid. After a month of whining we decided to get her out of the house and with the possibility of making new friends. Some of the whining had to do with our yucky illness and then a lack of someone to play with.  We heard a lot of, "what can I do now?", all while I am cleaning the floor, bathroom, sink, cleaning, you know. I asked her to clean her room but that only goes so far.
Baking School Week #1
So, just to get her out of our face we decided to enroll her in a 4 week baking school class for girls her age. She went the first week great! The first class the girls made sugar cookies and then decorated them.Our daughter brought her apron to protect her from flour, sugar and frosting. Turns out one of the girls asked the teacher if she could lick anything that fell. If the batter fell she wanted to lick it and if the frosting fell she wanted to lick it. Luckily, this teacher was really into hygiene and said NO! This gave me confidence that the next session would be good too. So, this just meant we did zero biking on Sunday. That is okay because during the week I biked about 80 miles and that was despite the fact we didn't bike one day. Sunday was a fine day for resting and walking.
Baking School Week #2
It rained and one day I biked in my pregnancy coat and someone got to bike home in my pink poncho, me no like. If you see me you would just think, look at that fat lady go go on her bike. My jacket was bought big intentionally. It is not a maternity coat but one I managed to find at the Land's End sections at Sears and bought at the whopping size of 2X. Yes, that is huge but I have yet to fill it out. The nice part about it is that it has buttons. While biking it is hard to have it zipped because when I stop at red lights and stop signs (yes, I stop at those), the back part gets all caught up on my bike seat and I get kinda stuck. It has lots of room. I have had to give up my down vest because it no longer cover my entire stomach and I worry I might be freezing my baby.

My regular route pass the African American Museum

I did some route exploration. I really enjoy staying clear off the sidewalk and away from places like Rainier Ave and heavy car used roads. When it rains people driving the metal machine get all stupid and forget stuff like yielding to pedestrians and slowing the heck down. Once of the days home we could actually see from our vantage point three car accidents. Yes, three!

I have not yet mastered over packing. I like to hide all the groceries because then people try to offer to bring my kid home in their car or worse, my groceries. Don't worry, I can do it. This is before I lost my trusty water bottle.

In a recent conversation I decided to bike on Lake Washington just to see how much faster that might be. Turned out it was pretty darn fast  to get me up through to Captiol Hill. I don't like doing it because people like to drive fast there but it was a low traffic time. I am about to turn down into past the I-90 tunnel. Where the heck is the new bike counter? I want to be counted.
Wheee, here I go in the tunnel. I can get chilly in here. 

Jousting here I come
While I was in the tunnel, alone I thought, "This would be a great place for jousting!" You can see on my BionX I was in 3 because I was feeling lazy.

Still nothing that resembled a bike counter thingie. Here is the smelly toilet. Hold your nose!

Here is one the few things I got to capture, this lovely person making a u-turn right in front of me. Yeah, I know you are WAY more important. Funny thing is that I later caught up to this car at a stop light. I pulled up right next to them and gave them a thumbs up for being the big looser they are. Should I have used a different finger gesture? Not sure but people in cars can have some serious road rage, especially those carpool vans, classy. We encounter a few schools on our way home and they are the worst place to bike near. You think it would be safe.

The popular pink poncho belongs to me!
I didn't take pictures of biking in the rain because it was miserable this week. We had one day where I ended up with a soggy skirt and then the second day wasn't bad. I admit, I hardly get that soggy but this week was just one of those weeks. Hopefully this week shapes up to be less soggy. I might even have to resort to getting a second poncho since my pink one is SO popular. 


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