Biking at 6 Months Pregnant

So, it has almost been a month (I got the bike on December 8th) since I have been riding with my new handy Edgerunner. I love that bike! At this point I have logged a non-impressive 300 miles. It might have been more but I switched out the console and that made me start logging my miles at 0 again. I wish I could have added the miles to the current console. Oh well. The reason I say it is non-impressive is that in a typical month I could easily log more than that, maybe close to 500 miles. So, I am short by a whole bunch. Then again, my excuse has been the barfy virus our family got and days where I frankly just wanted to stay at home and take a whack at the weeds in my garden. So, I have to choose between biking or gardening. I can't do both in the same day, at this point it is impossible.
Right now I am in month 6 of this pregnancy. Compared to the pregnancy with my twinkle toes princess I have yet to burst out of my clothes and run to the maternity store. I like my clothes big so that helps. Probably the most impressive things is that I am able to squeeze my body in my down coat. It looks all squooshy but if I am walking it keeps me warm. On the non-impressive snow day I tried to put my Sorel boots on with the ties and gave up because who is going to tie my shoes for me now. See my stomach. No, I did not eat too many tacos! I instead doubled up my socks and stuck my Hunter rain boots on my feet.

As pregnancy goes I have had morning sickness pretty badly until I got my bike. I don't know if it was the lack of exercise but I felt so gross in the morning. In fact the day I went to pick up the bike I had to barf a couple of times before we left the house and my daughter was curious how we were going to manage to get on the bus, pick up the bike and get home without my hurling my yogurt everywhere. As I bike more I noticed it has lessened and right now I am at the point where mornings are not so bad but at night it is when it kicks in. People ask me how I am feeling and if I am face to face I usually say, "Right now at this second, I feel fine". I can't account for seconds afterwards.

The day we picked up the bike, don't barf on the helmet
I love the plethora of unwanted advice I get about keeping this sickness at bay. Let me tell you, it doesn't work! All I can say is that the magical unicorn Edgerunner bike has really saved me from feeling yucky. It's called exercise folks! The woman who did the ultrasound said that women usually don't exercise into their third trimester. Well, we will see about that. I am pretty stubborn and if someone says it won't happen then I might just do it to prove them wrong.

So far I have been logging about 20 miles a day. Now it is 10 ride to my kid's school to pick her up and 10 to get home. Oddly enough, we have managed to find a route that has cut the 10 to 8 miles. I don't know how.  We cheat and take the city bus in the morning because that would mean 40 miles five days a week. I can't do that right now. That is WAY more than I can handle. Remember my adventures during vacation. I Was pretty close to 40 miles each day for about 3 days in a row and on the 4th my body said, "CUT IT OUT!" So, I made the conscious decision to not wear myself out like that again.

One of my favorite places to chug water
Now, I am not going to start making advice that pregnant women should bike. I have been biking for years and doing it with a heavy load for several years and during all of my pregnancy. So, starting a biking routine at this point is not a good idea. Talk to your doctor. Mine, tells me to keep doing it as long as it feels good. Plus, it is so much easier than walking. I just sit on the bike and pedal. On Shabbos my daughter pushed me up the hill. It looked funny. I also have that super human BionX. Yes, you feel super human with it. I am not straining myself to get up hills. I also stop and drink water, lot and lots of water. You might even catch me stopped on a hill and chugging a bottle of water like I was at a frat party. CHUG..CHUG.. CHUG.. CHUG!
Trader Joe's on Capitol Hill, I like to chug water here too!
By the time I reached the 10 mile point of bike pool pick up I have rested about an hour at a coffee shop. So, I have included resting time. Today, I managed to get to school a little early and plopped my bottom in a chair by the door. This is not a biking pregnancy advice segment. Actually if you are looking for advice don't go searching for it on Google. The things that might come up with pregnancy and biking might even scare you. In Copenhagen I remember lots of pregnant women biking all the time, even to the emergency room. So, take all that American advice with a grain of salt. Yes, your body does go through anatomic changes. Luckily, I have a very understanding doctor who took the time to listen to how this would work. The best thing you can do for yourself is find other ladies who have done this and ask questions. Occasionally I take to Twitter for my questions and sometimes I ask these general biking/pregnant questions on the Seattle Family Biking Facebook page.  Both of these resources make me feel less alone in my biking endeavors.


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