Biking for Cheese

I needed cheese and was not going to go through the agony of the great cheese debacle that took place late 2013. No thanks! So, to prove a point to myself I biked over to the Island where you can get kosher cheese. The stores that carry kosher products are no where near my home. Mercer Island has two stores and then the other place is up at University Village. While I prefer not to shop on Mercer Island I found that for my purpose it was going to be closer than biking north.

In the morning I have been braving the bus and taking my kid to school. We manage to get the nice seats in the back most of the time. My kid has gotten so darn sick this year I don't know what to think. Actually, I think it is stress caused by a certain teacher, but that is for another post. So, we are sitting on the bus and I look over at her face and her eyes are puffy from lack of sleep, she is trying to blow her nose and then blood stars oozing from her face. GREAT!!! This was just the way I wanted to start the morning. So, I look on my handy phone and search for a car2go. Luckily at the next stop one was available. We get off the bus and I proceed to confuse my kid by walking towards the car2go.
This stomach gets in my way

Despite the fact that she has been sick a lot I wasn't going to send her to school with blood oozing from her nose. I drove the car for about 15 minutes but boy is it hard. I hadn't driven one in a while and didn't realize I wouldn't be able to do certain in car safety maneuvers. We gave up the car and took the rest of the way home by bus. It is not soft squishy, ate too many tacos, tummy but a huge basketball hovering below. I told my husband that driving a car was hard and I don't know how people do it.

In any case, Mr. Peyos worked from home so I could make my way to the Island of Cheese so I could have it in stock. I also bought chicken breast because somehow the price per pound was cheaper than cow. I was totally going to make a meaty lasagna but thought that making schnitzel would be easier. Why the interest in making food? My friend next door had a baby! Mazel Tov! So, it is in our tradition to feed you silly.

I am trying out new routes and decided to bike the back roads and then find my way up to the I-90 tunnel. While biking I encountered a spandex exerciser. I figure this guy is not going anywhere because he does not look like a commuter. He was probably training. I ended up biking behind his butt which amounted to his deteriorating white spandex. I didn't want him to feel like I was taking advantage of his tailwind so I stayed this far behind. Plus, I didn't want him to think I was checking out his fading spandex, ewww. I biked behind him all the way to Mercer Island. The horror! I am not sure if he was annoyed I was behind him but he didn't indicate so.

This is the view on the way home. Hello Seattle! I ended up with 4 hefty loads of groceries and Mr. Peyos saw that it was my mission to get what people think it impossible. Of the things I bought was a 5lb bag of shredded mozzarella cheese called Shtarke. HAHAH, I am hardcore biking shtarke! Oh well. I sucked up a large chunk of the battery because I went up hills I normally don't. Seattle can be so depressing. At least the grass is green I didn't have to put a poncho on. While entering the I-90 tunnel back into Seattle I met my friends husband and kids riding their bikes in the tunnel. What a great way to celebrate a new baby. They took a bike ride, minus the new baby and the resting mommy. Don't you love that!


  1. I enjoy your posts! I’m surprised though that there are no other sources of kosher cheese. Is it a special kind?

    1. Seattle is a small Jewish community and the resources are limited compared to bigger cities like Los Angeles and the East Coast of the United States. For meat or cheese I have to go out of my way to get them so we don't eat it so often.

    2. Yes, I know Seattle has a small Jewish community (I lived in Boston, for a comparison.) I am just surprised that you have so few sources for Kosher foods. Disappointed too. I’m sorry you have to go to that sort of trouble, even if it means that I have an interesting post to read!

    3. I really don't find it that disappointing where the kosher resources are located. It is challenging sometimes. A lot of times if I need chicken or meat I can get those at Trader Joe's on my way to other errands. If I want a 5lb bag of shredded mozzarella that is something else entirely. We usually have it on hand to make meals for other people. A lot of what is kosher most people can live without, lot of partially hydrogenated oils and chemicals nobody needs to eat. It is rare I go all the way to Mercer Island for that matter.


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