Biking for Stuff

B is or Boy or Baby or Bris, not sure. My kid made these
One of my friends had a baby and the name dropping/bris was going to happen this week. See the cupcakes, result of my daughters baking school. This meant Mr. Peyos's other job of shul shamas required that we give him a hand in set up for the main event. Since we are friends with this family we wanted to do something special. My daughter wanted to make sure the store bought cake had tiny babies all over it and she wanted us to buy flowers. On one day we biked to BikeWorks and left the bikes there and took the train down to Southcenter Mall. From there we took a bus and walked all over the place. We walked all the way to Party City. Crazy. Who walks down there? Probably the highlight for my kid and husband was going into Guitar Center and trying out a bass. Their was only one that fit my kid so we didn't buy it. We like to shop around.

The next day we finished up our errands and my daughter and I biked to the Safeways on Rainier and Andover. Little did we know that a major accident had just occurred. I wasn't checking Twitter as frequently that day so I had no idea what to expect. We bike behind the Dairygold to get to Safeway and this was the first time EVER did we experience cars and traffic back there. I even took a picture. Oh, but the car behind me started screaming to "f--king go!" Nice huh! So, my thumb ended up in the picture. Luckily the Seattle Police were there to witness this car road rage and once he let me pass he made the car behind me stop and it looked like he gave him a talking to. I didn't stick around to see the outcome.

What was the big deal? Well, some guys decided to speed down Rainier and lost control of their Nashcar machine, slammed into a pole and then proceeded to slam into a parked car. Wait, but not just a parked car, but a guy standing with his parked car trying to get something out of it. No kidding!

Thank G-d the guy standing there survived the crash. His story is amazing and he was even discharged from the hospital the same day. Makes you think. I really hope the jerk driving this car gets some serious time. People LOVE speeding down Rainier Ave. and that is why I don't bike there, not even on the sidewalk. Slow down people! I mean that metal machine can do damage, don't hide in there and think you are entitled. UGHHH! Enough said.


  1. How great that SPD spoke with the driver of the car who yelled at you! I've never seen (or heard of) that happen. I hope they addressed the matter in a way that will stay with the driver so s/he's more conscientious in the future.

    And hee hee about the kid bass guitar. I'm assuming you didn't buy it because it wasn't pink, not because it was the only one available in the right size :P

    1. We didn't buy the bass because my husband thinks he can get the same one on Amazon. Guess what, my daughter wants a black one to match her dad.

      As for the police, we seem to be familiar with a lot of them. They see us biking. We are hard not to notice. :)


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