Biking while Pregnant is Dangerous

Making my way on the Broadway Bikeway
After recounting our boring less bikey days at home and our foggy morning adventure I made my way to my monthly appointment to see how my baby is growing. Unlike the first pregnancy this one is really interesting. My morning sickness is kind of a hit and miss when it will happens. I used to have it every day in the morning, then it occurred every 3 mornings and then it was sporadic and at night. Is this TMI? I don't know but seriously this is how it has happens.

I parked my bike at the Central Library next to this blue bike with the cool logo.I love that heart. I made my way up to my appointment. Little did I know the building where my OBGYN is DOES have bike parking in the garage. I had no idea until I asked, duh!!

During my visit my doctor and I discussed my ongoing morning sickness saga. At one point my doctor said I didn't have to suffer and she could offer me something for that, drugs. I didn't want them in hopes that it would go away. My check-ups have been pretty normal. I remember with the first kid their was a lot of worry and in the end, for good reason. I was HUGE! I think you would see my stomach coming around the corner before me. So, I just figured this pregnancy would be exactly the same. Well, G-d has a funny way of proving me wrong.

My doctor and I have discussed my biking and she calls it "casual" bike riding. She understands my set-up and how it is customized for me, pregnant me. She knows where I bike and who I bike with. I don't hide anything from her. So, after the routine check is done I usually bring up the subject of pregnant biking. She said that as long as I feel good and don't participate in a race (Chilly Hilly, RSVP, STP) I am fine. In fact she said this time, "their is nothing dangerous about it, except I don't want you to get hit by a car". So, pregnant or not pregnant nobody wants to get by a car. I explained my route. So, I got the go ahead but she did say that I might want to get a maternity belt just releive pressure. I can tell you that the pressure is WAY more on longer walks.

My husband wants a note from my doctor stating that she doesn't think the biking itself is dangerous. Actually, he wants a huge neon sign that is displayed over my head so nobody asks me about biking unless they also bike as much as we do. I most recently got a comment from a man, "should you be biking while pregnant?" Seriously dude, you know nothing! It is nice when people offer to do things for me. It would be even nicer when people actually step up and do me a favor when I ask. One of those meals I made last week was difficult to deliver because my kid was sick. When I asked for help it was like pulling teeth. In the end, the all time tzaddik and kung fu master came to my house and picked up the meal and took it to the family who needed it.

Back to my appointment. Since this was going to be a long day I decided to not head home and sit in a coffee shop and do homework or pretend to do homework. The shop had only one avaliable plug so I figured it was more important to charge up the BionX. I wish this thing showed me how much juice it had while being charged.

All I know is that red means it needs juice and once it hits green it's good. At some point I ran out of battery on my kindle and resorted to reading a newspaper in print. The horror! I am always afraid of running out of battery. I want to get home completely on my bike. I know the bike with 4th grade weight can do a good 30 miles but you never know. So, I charge it just to be safe. I asked the Twitter Universe people who also have BionX how far they can get on one charge and it really depended on hills and kid weight. The range went from 20 miles on a charge in assist mode 4 to 40 with no kids on the back in assist mode 2. So, it is something that everyone has to learn to tweek and get used to. So far, the small battery is great. A bigger battery might look weird. Hello, I am here to drink a mocha and charge my honken battery.
Just to put it in perspective. Remember the Madsen I rode for two weeks. Cool lights right. See how HUGE the battery jet pack is! This bike was so fun to ride. I hope more people who are interested in family biking rent it from Morgan.
Now look at the BionX. It is about the same amount of space. Then again the battery pack on the top was a prototype. So, you really can't compare. In the end I had a great bikey day and got 25 miles of non-spandex riding. Yeah!


  1. Glad you are continuing to ride! I’d be delighted to help you out but at the moment I am still living in Edmonds, so a bit out of your way.

    1. Thanks for the offer of help. I have ladies who do really help me a lot. When I made that meal my friend had just had a baby and my other two lady friends were busy. Stuff always manages to get done in the end, that's the good thing.


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