Stuck at Home

Last week we were stuck at home for 3 days. My daughter got sick again! It is really annoying how sick she has been this year. I don't know what to think. We feed her right and make sure she gets enough fresh air and exercise. Having a kid is almost like having a pet! Except this pet has a mind of their own, hahaha. So, Monday she stayed at home resting and sleeping. Tuesday she slept in and then took two whopping naps. This only meant that I got to clean the house. I am always cleaning. I also made two meals for families bigger than ours. I got to bike to Mercer Island behind degraded spandex. Ohh, lala. Monday I made a meal and then Tuesday made one. This required that I try to get someone to come to my house to pick up this cheesy yummy lasagna made with only Schtark cheese. The name cracks me up! Before Mr. Peyos left for work he stayed home with our kid so I can get the remaining ingredients.

I went to the Safeway on Othello/Martin Luther King. I hate shopping there because that is where the number one question comes up, "How much is that thing?" Nice huh! So, in order to deal with this I turned to the handy dandy Facebook Seattle Family Bike page for the advice I asked for some time ago and it really helped to make me less aggravated with this chutzpadik question. One of my responses was, "you should look on Craigslist for a cargo bike". Enough said. While I was shopping someone decided to tie their dog through my bike and on to the bike rack. Who does that? I have that rockin kickstand but what if I had a really bad kickstand and the bike fell on your dog? So, luckily the dog cooperated and I was able to tie the dog to a safer location
Poor pooch, I wouldn't harm you, what was your owner thinking?

By Wednesday my kid was not well enough to get back to school so we kept her one more day. This meant 3 WHOLE days of zero biking. I hate that. So, Thursday was a big Tu B'Shevat activity day at school with other Jewish school coming and celebrating so my kid was excited to see her friends from other schools. She got up at 5am and was ready to leave the house by 6:30am.

We have not done the morning bike run since we had the Burley/Redline set up. I loved that family biking option. I don't think you need a fancy bike to get around and their are so many ways to make family biking work, especially with small people. I actually killed the Burley. It is workable as a  non-person stroller but I don't think it would be safe to transport people. It was used to it's last line. Burley makes an excellent product but not for my long term uses. I loved it but it doesn't fit a kid who decided to grow taller faster than you can blink.

So, Thursday we prepared ourselves to make the morning school run on the bike. I had my monthly OBGYN appointment and needed to get from the school to First Hill. This weeks weather has been foggy. Mornings were especially foggy, like pea soup. The funny thing about living in a technology city is that people don't go to work until later. So, if you leave your house earlier than 10am you have great roads and little traffic to deal with.  We lit up the bike like only it can be. All four back lights were on including our merry NOT x-mas lights that go around the Hooptie. Then you have the front Bosch light that looks like something from a car head on. Yes, we have been mistaken for a motorcycle and when the car passes or yields their is a certain surprise face we see in the driver's face.'s a bike!

I dropped off my kid and then made my way to check out the Bikeway on Broadway. Apparently with some construction changes, part of the bikeway was scrapped away but little in the way of signage was put everywhere. It was still foggy and luckily I was in tune with Twitter to know that several people had an encounter with cars coming right at them on this road. So, I knew enough to stay on the sidewalk until this point where the bikeway really begins. Hello, signs please!

So, this was a fun bike day and we got morning fresh air. More on my doctors opinion of my "casual" bike riding.


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