Vacation Mussings

My daughter has had a longer vacation than expected. She missed the last week before school went on break because of that gross and disgusting barfing virus. No matter how hard I cleaned our house I got it 5 days latter and then my husband the next day after me. Lucky for me, I did a fast recovery. Mr. Peyos was not so lucky and despite my clean-up routine he did a less than fast recovery. I washed so much. Our house never looked so clean, especially the bathroom. So, after my husband recovered I spent more time making sure the house was cleaned from that. During his most gross days we left the house so he could barf in peace. So, our actual first week of vacation was spent on clean-up. We did manage to do two fun things which I wrote about. You know, riding in the dark? Oh yeah.

We have been riding our bike, enjoying the Seattle gloom and the few instances of sunshine. Probably the highlight so far was taking a tour with a bikey family group to explore the Beacon Hill Greenway. It was first reported by Seattle Bike Blog and I was really interested to see if this would make my life easier.

Wait for us!
I do complain that a lot of rides are on Shabbos (meaning Friday night through Saturday night) or worse way up north and going more up north. Well, one of the members of the Facebook Seattle Family Biking page decided that we should have a ride on a Sunday. Sundays work for me so I had no excuse. It felt good to pull up at Daejeon Park and greeted by everyone else on a long tail bike. We met Ellie on the way and we talked while making our way up the hill. It was a small group but fun. Three of us had electric assist bikes. I found Ellie's bike interesting as the assist was added on by Henry at Liontail cycles. I found her set up interesting as I had a chance to ride a Liontail assist on the Madsen. As interesting as I find other assist options nice I am pretty happy so far with the BionX system. It doesn't make noise.

Taking pictures and being pregnant is SO hard!
As far as the Greenway is concerned, the ride was smooth. I can see that those speed humps may not be a long lasting solution. The humps work best when their is zero gap, meaning one long hump from one side of the street to the other. We went slow but maybe we could have gone slower. I talked to the guy on the bike with the twins and when we reached the top of our slight hill he exclaimed, "there goes the Christmas cookies". Don't worry, he didn't barf. He was talking about the calories burned. I chatted with him and his little kids. His twins were little so their was only so much they could express. They did demonstrate how naps work on the bike. We also talked to Mike's daughter sitting on the back of her dad's bike. My daughter was super excited to meet another kid older than her being schlepped around. Our bike is our transportation so we are going to get on the bike to go everywhere. Mike's daughter and mine were confident in moving around on the back of the bike so Davey's daughter, Little Oil, saw this as an opportunity to turn around too. Yeah, big girls doing stuff on bikes is not such a great thing for little kids to watch. 
See the bike Cho Cho, only longtail bikes! All the kids well behaved.
Mike's daughter was interesting to talk to. She learned to ride a bike on a veledrome. I find that wildly interesting and exciting. I would be so scared. This also got my kid to want to ride her bike more. Hopefully we can go on another ride with this awesome kid. We are trying really hard to get our kid independent on her bike so we can upgrade her to an even better bike. I see a Brompton in her future. We had actually spied one when we visited G&O and like Inception all we had to do was see the bike for that seed to be planted. So if you see one, look away. You might want one too.

Besides the deteriorating humps, the Greenway was a gateway to Georgetown. I had no idea. What does that mean? Well, it means beer brewing supplies for Mr. Peyos. He needs to make more beer for himself and I am more than willing to show him the golden way to get his supplies. He is in charge of a special baby brew to perfect. I don't know how that would work since this baby is due right after Pesach. 
Give me your snacks humans!
Other than our Beacon Hill Greenway introduction we rode on the Chief Sealth Trail to bike home. Rather than being mugged or attacked we were chased by chickens. Maybe someone on a bike likes feeding them and they saw us as a food opportunity. That trail is so hilly. I got a workout, even with the assist. It feels good to get out an enjoy my life without feeling limited by exhaustion or the extra weight of a 9 year old. As much as my daughter would love for me to take friends along I have a no other people clause. We did other stuff but this was the most bikey fun of all of them. 


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