What's that noise?

The other day I asked Mr. Peyos to put air in my back tire. This even happened after we recorded our serial numbers for our bikes. Someone had to get down on the ground and take a look under each bike. It was interesting. I tried then rolled to my side and had the bike help me up. One of the great things about my special bike is that I put that rolling jackass kickstand on it. If I crouch down to put stuff in my Mary Poppins bags (X2 bags) I need a little help getting off the ground. So, I use the bike as an anchor and it doesn't fall on me. Not sure if this was one of the design critera, "must be able to help pregnant ladies get off the ground". That should be in the description.

In any case, after the air filling, I rode the bike that day and could hear a scrap, scrap. It sounded like something was in the fender so I figured if a leaf got stuck it would clear itself out soon enough. The scraping got worse so I let out some air. This lessened the noise but still I could hear it. It was driving me crazy!

My bike was due for it's over 75 mile tune-up. I am going to tell you something, at this point I had ridden well over 75 miles, more like 400. What the fuzzy! Yeah, well. I need to get places and this is what I do to get to the store, school, and other errands. Sundays don't really work for me to get up to G&O and let me tell you, it is a L--O--N--G ride up to Greenlake, even with the electric assist. I made my merry way from home after dropping off my kid and cheated a little by taking the light rail from Othello to Stadium Station. The bike takes up a lot of room and if more people get on I feel guilty. Plus, at this station I was able to easily roll my bike off the train rather than have to wait for an empty elevator. From here I biked to under the Viaduct. I hate that thing and I hate that hole they are digging to replace it. Honestly, people in cars, you don't need the viaduct. Why??? I wish it would just be torn down because it's is ugly. Another great idea, build an ugly "highway" next to a beautiful view.

I really don't understand the bike detour under the viaduct so rather than try to zig zag my way along I decided to just take a whole lane and bike in it until I found the bike path. It was pretty empty except for me. What happens next, a car decided to make some unholy u-turn in the middle of the road. First they slowed down, with no indication of blinkers or what they planned to do. Once they moved over the u-turn proceeded straight into me. This is the point where I start screaming my head off. Of course, I get a blank stare, "what did I do Scooby Doo?" Yeah, I know, too distracted to notice anything outside your window. This is the main reason I yield to cars. I will also tell you that I wait a WHOLE ten minutes after the carpool cars have left the parking lot so we get going. This means, we could technically get home ten minutes earlier but I rather not have to deal with the aggravation of someone not realizing that is ME on the bike with my kid.

Back to this adventure. I road under and passed Big Bertha and ended up on Elliot Bay. WHY? As much as I could cut through downtown, it is much faster and less stopping on a dedicated path. The path is nice and enjoyable. I can even take pictures.
Bye Bye Fremont Bridge
Once I reached the Fremont Bridge I was going to glide up Fremont Ave. Ahhh, the joy of the BionX. It makes biking up a hill like that look easy and effortless. I do get nervous about this painted "bike lanes". I know, it is better than nothing but still some dummy can just serve into the lane.

At last turning left past the Woodland Park Zoo. I get really nervous about being first at a red light to make a left. When I owned a car a girl crashed into me from behind at a red light like this. Usually I turn my head and glare at the cars approaching, "Hi, do you see me?" I am all for being visible but if people in their cars don't feel the need to turn on their lights during the day or wear bright yellow or orange while they are driving why do I need to do more than have my lights on. I mean, I have SO many lights on my bike, even in the day time.

I made it to G&O and was met by Tyler who was working on a bike. One of the new added features of the door was that they added a door stop. I didn't know that so I waved for Tyler to open and hold the door for me. I explained to him the scraping noise and he took the bike for a spin. At this point the noise was not so loud but when he brought the bike back in the shop, yes I was left alone in there, he took a peek and realized that the back fender was rubbing on my tire. I knew Mr. Peyos did something wonky when he added air to the tire! You can't blame him. Other than the fender adjustment and some oil on my chain the bike needed nothing. I had an interesting discussion with Tyler about wheel stabilizers and wheel locks. Right now I am not adding anything to the bike until after the baby arrives. For now, we have named our baby Apple Pie, based on the insane about of apples I eat.

I got to use the regenerative mode on the BionX so that I can get a little more juice. This made going down Fremont enjoyable and a little slow. I also got to experience being cut off multiple times by this truck. No way was going try to pass it because they got SO close to the parked cars. Was the driver trying to kill me? I don't know but it seemed rather aggressive. Several times I had the opportunity to pass but was afraid the truck was going to try to smoosh me. At some point I was hoping the truck would smash a parked car so I could be there to witness it and take pictures for the car owners.
Where am I suppose to bike? Isn't this a shared path?
Then I rode down Westlake on the controversial location of the whole Seattle Master Plan hold-up for some really grumpy people. Seriously, you people need sun. Now, I ride slow, I hate riding down here but if I see a pedestrian I slow down even more and ring my bell. I know I could go much faster through the parking lot but with all those cars, no thanks. Where do you want me to bike? Don't tell me you have had near life death experience with ME biking pass you. See that bell, I use it. Nobody is here for the occasional walker or jogger. It's flat and why should I have to ride hilly just because you think I am going to hit you. Oh well, at least my fender got fixed right!


  1. It was good to see you on Westlake yesterday. I didn't realize you'd had such a big day beforehand! It's not a shared path, by the way, just a sidewalk. I think it'd be great to have a proper mixed-use path since it seems like a nice space for tourists on bike share to circle Lake Union slowly.

    1. This happened on Wednesday so I had plenty of days to recover. I just thought it was a shared path because of the way it is marked on the Seattle Bike Map. It is legal to bike on the sidewalk and I am not winning any races so other than ringing my bell I am not going into the parking lot unless it is midnight or some holiday or Super Bowl Sunday. I would like a mixed-use path here, especially for tourist and slow pokes like me. I mean doesn't someone want to make money? If I ever saw something interesting in the business district I would stop and buy. This happens a lot. Those guys at the Timbuk2 store love us. Today they said, "so nice see you guys". Oh no, we are regulars. How many bags do we need in this house?


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