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Danger of Pregnancy Biking: Brain problems

I have still been trucking along on my bike. In fact on Friday I had to go and take a lab sample downtown before I could make any food for Shabbos and we had guest. So, I prepped the bike and got whatever I needed packed in my pannier to make the trek to the lab. I did the school route which included a bike along 19th. Once I hit Columbia I headed west and went straight until I hit Broadway. This is how you get to Swedish Medical Hospital on a bike.

Wait, let me go back in time. On Wednesday I decided to get bagels after dropping off my kid. I did some school work at a local cafe and then make my way to University Village to eat lunch.

While waiting for my sandwich I saw a lady with a small child checking out my bike. I wasn't sure if I should go out and talk to her or just let her look. In the end, I decided to just let her take a look. Her kid begged for one. It looks like she took down the information for G&O Cyclery so maybe they will be getting a new customer soon.  Afte…

Biking for Health

The one plus side of using the bike is that we can avoid the interesting smells of the bus. Not too long ago I witnessed a charming man sexually harass another woman. He was pretty gross. I texted the picture to Mr. Peyos and his response was, "I didn't know Run-D.M.C. got so old".  As you can see, I am not shy about taking pictures on the bus. So many interesting people on the 10 line. Also, I feel like we get less sick. That would be lovely to believe but NOT this year. Our kid has been sick on average every two weeks. It is almost a pattern. Every time she has been sick I have sent the school notes and even requested that work  get sent home. Her Hebrew/Judaics teacher is really great at doing this and during one of the illness weeks he even wanted the class to call her to see how she was doing. Then we have the other teacher, nada, nothing. So, when my kid returns to school this other teacher stresses her out to "catch-up". Sometimes I feel those kids are …

Happy Anniversary Mr. Peyos! (17 years)

This is what we look like in Real Life! We look just like this, all goofy! Our daughter occasionally draws family portraits of us. I think in this picture my head is covered with the bit that always seems to stick out. Where are Mr. Peyos's peyos? He has longs ones. Then our daughter put lipstick on me. Hummm..

So, on Feb. 14th Mr. Peyos and I marked our 17th Wedding Anniversary. What romantic activity did we do? It is so exciting so brace yourself. I made challah, not whole wheat this time, finished a graduate school paper due and Mr. Peyos and my daughter went to Target for my daughter to spend money she had in her wallet.

So, it was not exciting. The previous day I was planning to get heart shaped bagels and didn't manage to get them so pregnancy hormones dictated that I have a complete breakdown. I cried and then declared that our anniversary was ruined! It didn't take long for me to get over it because life goes on and I ended up reading a funny book that made me for…

Welcome to my 3rd Trimester Pregnant Biking

So, I have entered my 3rd trimester. This is the time when I was told that people dip off in the exercise department. I don't exercise, what's that about? I just ride a bike. This is what I tell myself, haha! Actually, the technician who did the ultrasound told me that people don't exercise into the 3rd trimester.

I can totally understand. I have been slowing down. I dropped one day of biking and walking is not so easy. We walk a lot and it doesn't kill me to walk from Broadway uphill to 15th Ave. to Ada's Bookstore. Although now I do it really slow, like a turtle. I doesn't matter if I have that maternity belt on.

Did I mention I have been wearing a maternity belt? At the last appointment my OBGYN had recommended it to help lift stuff up while biking but I find that it is even more necessary when walking. Biking is still okay. I actually have developed a whole coasting technique which interestingly has preserved the battery. It actually takes me a little long…

Snow/Canceled Ride/Bike Swap

The weather guru of the Pacific Northwest, Cliff Mass, was away and not much was being updated on his blog. Then came the warning about snow starting on Saturday at some point. So all Shabbos we were wondering about this mythical snow and when it would hit. After lunch we went to visit the neighbor and the cutie baby my kid loves. As soon as we entered the house he proceeds to extend his hand and wants us to shake it but he has a sense of humor and made and awww noise and tried to put our hands in his mouth. This is baby humor. As much as he is not the baby of the family we will always adore his little face.

After our visit we did a Shabbos walk and then came home because walking up the hill is hard and tiring and I was stupid and didn't put that maternity belt on. I sat on my bed and proceeded to fall asleep, My kid got pretty upset about this because she wanted me to stay awake but my eyes closed. The nap lasted until Shabbos was over. I looked out the window and it was snowing…

Super Bowl Biking Celebration

Okay, I am not going to poo poo on those of you who like sports. I purposely married someone who was not going to be glued to sports and sports stuff. In fact, I knew I found a winner the moment my father, BIG sports fan, asked my then not husband, "Do you like sports?" and Mr Peyos answered, "No". I think he thought he was getting a fanatical football (meaning soccer) son-in-law. That was the extent of the conversation. I don't make him NOT like sports, he just doesn't. In his teenage years he took fencing class at the local Ungdomeskolen. When we got married I even took lesson. The master made sure that short me could manage enough to beat my long legged husband. I remember getting whacked on my helmet several times.

In any case, we are not a sports family. This year was particularly interesting though. We live in the little town of Seattle. The town of the Seahawks. It was not hard to hear on the radio the wins, so all off us became slightly tuned into w…

Mr. Peyos Goes to San Francisco

Last week I was hoping to leave this weather and make a voyage to San Francisco with Mr. Peyos. It was going to be glorious weather above 40F. As things turned out I went no where. Instead I was stuck in the puddle of Seattle. So, instead of dwelling on my misery, which I will detail, let's see Mr. Peyos's adventures and if he biked:

First Mr. Peyos upgrades to First Class, that snob! Actually his company paid for the flight so I was more than happy to have him upgrade. He said people looked at him in wonder, "how did that hippy with the tie get in first class?"

Then he davened (prayed to G-d) because he left so early he wasn't able to finish everything. As he arrived to SF he got to go in here. People, it is just a room, it had zero religious imagery. It might even be a great place to nurse.

Then he got on the BART. It looks clean but I was told that it wasn't. At this point Mr. Peyos proceeds to eat his oh so healthy breakfast of Black/White cookies I packe…

We found the Westlake Policy Ride

This week has been hard but I will recap that week story about a trip to San Francisco. Let's go back to our previous adventures. On Sunday my daughter and I scheduled in our calendar two activities, cleaning up shul doesn't count as one of those. First she was going to the last session of baking class and then the other was to ride up to Fremont PCC and participate in the Policy Ride to show those Westlake Shareholders how slow we can ride. We care about safety too.

Baking class was fun except it looks like they didn't get to finish a project and this Super Bowl Sunday they get another session. My daughter was at first miffed because she says that all the little girls like to stand right next to her. Let me rephrase that, they like to smoosh her on either side of her body. For whatever reason little kids like her and try to smoosh her. She has her favorite smoshy baby next door so that keeps her satisfied.

After baking class we came home and downed a whole bunch of chick…