Biking for Health

Bus rides sometimes include sexual harassment
The one plus side of using the bike is that we can avoid the interesting smells of the bus. Not too long ago I witnessed a charming man sexually harass another woman. He was pretty gross. I texted the picture to Mr. Peyos and his response was, "I didn't know Run-D.M.C. got so old".  As you can see, I am not shy about taking pictures on the bus. So many interesting people on the 10 line. Also, I feel like we get less sick. That would be lovely to believe but NOT this year. Our kid has been sick on average every two weeks. It is almost a pattern. Every time she has been sick I have sent the school notes and even requested that work  get sent home. Her Hebrew/Judaics teacher is really great at doing this and during one of the illness weeks he even wanted the class to call her to see how she was doing. Then we have the other teacher, nada, nothing. So, when my kid returns to school this other teacher stresses her out to "catch-up". Sometimes I feel those kids are in a sweat shop, but with fourth grade work.

Student led conferences are coming up and the kids put work they are proud of in a binder. The other day our kid said, "I have hardly anything in that folder because I have nothing to be proud of or that the teacher thinks I should be proud of." This is the saddest thing I have ever heard in my life. My mom, our daughters guru, told her to just put stuff in there because it didn't matter we are all proud of her without the binder. Who cares about that darn binder. Don't stress about it kiddo.

This is the same teacher who said, "you should be better at spelling because your dad is a linguist." Who says that to a kid? Truth is, both my husband and I are terrible spellers. I mean, look back at some of my blog post, you probably will find some interesting mistakes. My husband may know a lot about languages but spelling is hard but when you are like this you compensate with tools.

Waiting in the sick room at the doctors

Ahh, so I am never sure if my daughter has taken this year and internalized all the incidents and has accumulated into this latest illness. A couple of weeks ago our kid complained of a stomach ache. We thought she had to go to the bathroom. So, we made sure we fed her more fiber and water and yogurt. This didn't help and turned into vomiting. Vomiting that has lasted for a whole week. Usually it is at night but the first time it was right after school and all over me on our way downtown. I was under prepared so we got in a car2go and drove home with the windows down.

I have biked her during these weeks because if she does barf she can always do so in nature or a bush. Wednesday I took her to school and actually feel asleep on the Edgerunner. She made herself cozy and dozed the 10 miles to school. So, I have been biking a lot and Thursday was my rest day so we took the bus to see the doctor because the night before our kid got a fever, looked pretty bad and then seemly recovered. She feels yucky and tired. So, we are down to test and I get to deliver one on the bike tomorrow. We even sat in the empty "sick room" while all the coughing kids waited outside the sick room. I am guessing some parents are in denial about their kid being sick.

During our week of constant vomit we have laid off all dairy, sugar and the latest is citrus. She has also lost 3 lbs and considering how small she is that is a lot to be concerned about. While I wait for this sample to appear the doctor allowed me to give my kid a probiotic and she has to drink more fluids. Ahh, so this is my life. One more detail, school is off limits until they have something conclusive. So, next week and until further notice I will be her teacher and it will be up to me to make a daily schedule. Is this the beginning of home-schooling? I don't know but depending on how I set up our daily schedule you might be seeing me biking to different educational activities.

Made it to the lab in record time!
Friday early morning I woke up early morning to bike the lab sample to the doctors and when you are standing in line at the phlebotomist people need to give you privacy. Sheesh, don't stand next to me while I have to relabel 4 vials of something that was in the toilet.  When the guy standing right next to me realized what it was, he stepped away fast. Ahh, so I am hoping that the doctor calls before Shabbos with the results so we can have some piece of mind.


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