Happy Anniversary Mr. Peyos! (17 years)

This is what we look like in Real Life! We look just like this, all goofy! Our daughter occasionally draws family portraits of us. I think in this picture my head is covered with the bit that always seems to stick out. Where are Mr. Peyos's peyos? He has longs ones. Then our daughter put lipstick on me. Hummm..

So, on Feb. 14th Mr. Peyos and I marked our 17th Wedding Anniversary. What romantic activity did we do? It is so exciting so brace yourself. I made challah, not whole wheat this time, finished a graduate school paper due and Mr. Peyos and my daughter went to Target for my daughter to spend money she had in her wallet.

Yes, you can buy kosher ones at Whole Foods

So, it was not exciting. The previous day I was planning to get heart shaped bagels and didn't manage to get them so pregnancy hormones dictated that I have a complete breakdown. I cried and then declared that our anniversary was ruined! It didn't take long for me to get over it because life goes on and I ended up reading a funny book that made me forget about those stupid bagels. Plus, my husband got me marshmallows, my biggest weakness. When I eat them it leaves a cocaine like residue all over my face. It is one of the few things I am able to digest that is not a fruit, veggie or sauerkraut.

What could we do right before Shabbos anyway? In the end it was okay.

Great things did happen on our anniversary day. For one, The Westlake Shareholders dropped their lawsuit. This was something that was going to hold up the whole Seattle Bicycle Master Plan. Yeah!!! This is progress. I wonder if the Policy Ride had an impact?

What else happened? I managed to get Ben and Jerry's to take ice cream to a family who needed it. Twitter is NOT EVIL! In fact, good things can come out of it! I hope they got their ice cream. I mean, the thought is wild that and ice cream truck could potentially show up at someone's house. I just think it is great!

So, 17th years, no heart shaped bagels and a boatload of marshmallows. That is how fancy we get around here!


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