Snow/Canceled Ride/Bike Swap

It's art that makes creepy noises
The weather guru of the Pacific Northwest, Cliff Mass, was away and not much was being updated on his blog. Then came the warning about snow starting on Saturday at some point. So all Shabbos we were wondering about this mythical snow and when it would hit. After lunch we went to visit the neighbor and the cutie baby my kid loves. As soon as we entered the house he proceeds to extend his hand and wants us to shake it but he has a sense of humor and made and awww noise and tried to put our hands in his mouth. This is baby humor. As much as he is not the baby of the family we will always adore his little face.

After our visit we did a Shabbos walk and then came home because walking up the hill is hard and tiring and I was stupid and didn't put that maternity belt on. I sat on my bed and proceeded to fall asleep, My kid got pretty upset about this because she wanted me to stay awake but my eyes closed. The nap lasted until Shabbos was over. I looked out the window and it was snowing. It's going to melt right?

We had planned to participated in the Family Ride to peruse the new Beacon Hill Greenway but by 10am I was saying to the house, "I ain't getting on that bike!" Maybe not pregnant I would try the snow biking on the Edgerunner but I didn't want to while pregnant. Plus my kid wanted to build a snowman and throw snowballs at anything that moved. She also had a goal, to step in snow some other kid had not been in. Considering the neighbors kids, including the cutie baby came over we had very little not stepped in stuff.

So, I declare that we all head over to the Bike Swap at the Seattle Center. Plus, if I looked pitiful enough maybe we will even eat at the Chinese restaurant afterwards. Ok, deal. We walked to the bus and then walked to the light rail. From downtown we actually walked all the way to the Seattle Center. I think people underestimate how close it is. I was feeling good, I have my maternity belt on, so I am all strapped in.The snow looks stepped on but Seattle Center had so much snow for our kid to run and jump on. Plus, it was our secret to get her exhausted so when we got home she wouldn't whine about now having enough fun in the snow. Knock yourself out kid!
Here is the Bike Swap. It was weird. Apparently our new friends at the Timbuck2 store recognized us and gave us a hearty wave. We laughed. Also we got looks from Haulin Colin, "humm, I think I know those people". We didn't talk to him. We talked to the lady who made skirts, not water proof but cute anyway.

We also witnessed a baby get a $2 balance bike. WHAT??? The baby wanted to show us his riding skills so he repeated my $2 rant and got on the bike. I hate taking pictures of other people's kids and hate saying stuff like, "I have a bike blog and want to take a picture of your cute baby!".  I guess I could have but didn't, oh well. Anyways, that baby got a $2 bike!!

Mr. Peyos looked at the bamboo frame. He even was chutzpadik and took it off the hook. Nobody questioned him.

We saw this bike. I mean, how cute!! Look at the wheels. Look at the bike, it has a banana seat. Our kid went, meh....

We walked to eat lunch, payed our bill and walked back through Seattle Center to go home. On our way to the bus stop we spotted this guy. He was schlepping himself on the bike, a frame and towing a bike. Who says you need a cargo bike? Not this guy.

At this point most of the snow had melted but our kid found plenty to step, jump and run on. I am pretty sure she tired herself out. The snow was unexpected and so was the Bike Swap. I kinda wonder about the booths and some of the people behind them. Why do you have so much new stuff to sell? Why do you think I want to buy your shoes with holes in them? Why are you trying to sell half a bike? Why do you not know anything about riding a bike? I don't get it but it was interesting and we bought nothing. Some of the vendors were selling overstock from a store but I would only put cash on the table if we found something interesting. In the end, we had a nice day out and bedtime was a success. Thanks snow!


  1. wonderful narratons, very talanted, love all the pictures.


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