Super Bowl Biking Celebration

Okay, I am not going to poo poo on those of you who like sports. I purposely married someone who was not going to be glued to sports and sports stuff. In fact, I knew I found a winner the moment my father, BIG sports fan, asked my then not husband, "Do you like sports?" and Mr Peyos answered, "No". I think he thought he was getting a fanatical football (meaning soccer) son-in-law. That was the extent of the conversation. I don't make him NOT like sports, he just doesn't. In his teenage years he took fencing class at the local Ungdomeskolen. When we got married I even took lesson. The master made sure that short me could manage enough to beat my long legged husband. I remember getting whacked on my helmet several times.

In any case, we are not a sports family. This year was particularly interesting though. We live in the little town of Seattle. The town of the Seahawks. It was not hard to hear on the radio the wins, so all off us became slightly tuned into what would happen. We didn't watch the games, just followed along. Probably the worst game for my father was when the 49ers played against the Seahawks. My father did not want Seattle to win. He was pretty mad about the loss. My daughter called him while the game was going and his comment to her was, "no comment". On that particular game day we walked around Southcenter Mall and came home before the gun fire and screams (don't forget, I live in the Rainier Valley).

Then came SuperBowl Sunday. My husband was invited to spend the day with other men but he declined. It was nice for him to be invited to two parties. Like him, he declined and came home to eat schnitzel with us. We took a walk with our daughter while she biked to Columbia City. Afterwards we made our way home

Then the Seahawks won. I am not sure if my father watched the whole game but he might have found it pointless after the 1st quarter. I mean, it was crazy. Every once and a while my daughter would call my father for an update and both my parents thought the scoreboard was insane! I was going to go out to buy eggs and instead contemplated getting eggs from a neighbors chickens. I know I was told I could just open the coup and get one or two but those chickens always give me a dirty look when I do that.  The golden one is the only one that likes me and she never sitting in the nest when I need one. Instead we stayed inside to listen to the joy of screaming and other loud stuff.

My favorite were the burning of stuff:
The Seahawks came home and Wednesday the city made a big parade for the team. The parade was going to have the Seahawks ride on top of those amphibious vehicles we know as Ride the Ducks. This meant I wanted to plan on how we would manage our transportation needs for the day. Tuesday I biked up to the school and was able to leave my bike secure and locked inside the school building. Wednesday morning we were late because the yom tov of celebration had to stop all the bus routes. I even asked VelobusDriver his opinion on the matter.

So, my kid and I made our merry way on Wednesday morning towards school. We changed our route which made us late and I figure when some of our buses are cut we might have to do this alternative route. I sent Mr. Peyos several text to get his tush to work because at the early morning of 7:00am people were already parking up in Capitol Hill and walking downtown for the 11am parade. Did I tell you it was cold and windy. By cold I mean 28F with a cold wind. Instead he took his sweet time and drank coffee and ate oats. By the time 9am rolled around the man made his way to work.

In this time. I had dropped off my kid, recovered my bike and was sitting at a cafe doing homework. At some point I had enough and was hungry so I biked to University Village and it was glorious!

Look at that! It is the Burke Gilman trail and nobody! I passed a few people who looked like they were going to work but it was so quiet, almost weird. I didn't care how cold it was because the ride was calm and open.

I ate my bagel in peace and managed to buy the ever mysterious chocolate chip bagels. If I don't get there early enough I never get any. Nobody likes when this happens.

Meanwhile, Mr. Peyos was trying to make his way to work:

What's the issue? I see a clear road. Well, those are all the buses back up. Why are they backed up?
Downtown is so charming! See those people standing on the sidewalk? Humm, how close before Mr. Peyos realizes it was a mistake. FYI, this is 2nd Ave. You know, death trap lane for bikes. It's one way, you can only go south on it, no way to go north unless you go on the sidewalk.

Here you go, the sidewalk blockage. People just standing around and it's not even close to 11am. Good luck getting that Dutch bike past all those people. At this point Mr. Peyos made a friend on a bike and the two did a mini conference on how to get around this mess. Some people had to get to work you know.

He got closer just to see the situation and it looks like the road and sidewalk are impossible. Those buses are stopped. They are going nowhere.

No kidding! Those dots on the bridge up there are people. Where did all these people park? Turns out people tried really hard to get on public transportation. People tried so hard to take public transportation.

So, Mr. Peyos makes his way home and bikes down Dearborn on the sidewalk, equally impassible. Can you imagine, Deaborn. Well, look where people parked. Yes, they parked under the highway.

Here, is a closer look. So charming but the city wasn't going to ticket anyone because everyone was high and I am not talking about a happy high but you know that stuff that comes out of a "garden co-op". Mr. Peyos said it smelled like that all over downtown and here too.

Meanwhile I go shopping and buy my kid some extra socks because I remember her only wearing tights in the morning. By this time I managed to buy a lot of groceries but they are hidden in that bike. It looks sunny but it was burr cold!

I bike back to the cafe to rest and recharge myself before school pick-up. Look, nobody. This is the best bike day ever!

I make it down the Montlake trail and see the 520 bridge. It was so quiet. Nobody.

In a bit of insperation I decided to try something new. This picture I call "HUGE potholes that will swallow my bike". For me, I had a great bike day but had I been Mr. Peyos I would have been annoyed because he never made it to work. He missed his morning meeting, couldn't call his boss while he was downtown and was POed that biking didn't make it faster to get around this mess. He ended up working from home which was okay with his boss but still. 

The only issue I had making our way home was when we were biking south on 20th Ave. and got to 20th/Jackson. People parked on the street here and we watch garbage dropping and just overall bad driving. Past this point we were fine and biking home was okay and normal.  So, other than a little parade we survived, hahahaha. 


  1. I saw a white man in a hi-viz yellow coat bike the wrong way (northward) in the 2nd Ave bike lane yesterday. Maybe it is less scary if you can see death coming?
    - Molly

    1. That just sounds dangerous but I can see why someone would salmon like that but it would have been better he used the sidewalk. If you look back I actually witnessed a car hit a guy on a bike on 2nd Ave. I don't consider that "path" safe.


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