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Biking to the Birthing Center

Last Sunday the whole family was suppose to bike to the birthing center (in reality it is the hospital with a birthing center) so we can all take a look and ask questions. I understood that kids under 10 were not allowed but didn't realize until a very late email that my kid would not be allowed on the tour. The email had in big letters, NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. Those are ugly words I don't like but then again my kid is pretty much behaved. So, I scrambled last minute to find a babysitter or at least a responsible person to come sit in my house and make sure my kid is safe and the house doesn't go anywhere. I would have asked the neighbors girls but the family had been going through some virus and my kid was afraid that the older girls might unknowingly have whatever the younger kids had. So, I called another girl to come and she brought our daughter's BFF which was easy enough because it was her sister. Mr. Peyos and I left the house without our kid. So it was like a date…

Happy Spring 2014

Thursday marked the beginning of spring. It also meant another appointment for me at my OBGYN. I am not so used to biking uphill to the appointment with my kid but because Mr. Peyos has a job he has to go to work. I was left with no choice than to take my kid with me. She has gone to several appointments and find them slightly boring. She likes it when the doctor hear the heartbeat but other than that the appointment is boring. Apparently the doctor has heard about our daughters "digestive issues" and talked her about it. That was nice.

It was a really gorgeous day. You could have not asked for a better 1st day of spring. On the way home from my way boring appointment I asked the official photographer to take pictures and here are her pictures:

This is us biking through Chinatown which wasn't so bad because of the time of day but people don't adhere to stop signs. Pedestrians are forced to run from corner to corner but my kid just took a picture of this colorful stor…


I tired to complete the Errandonne Challenge but this year has been so irregular. While I would love to blog about some issues regarding my irregular year I don't know if they have anything to do with biking. I suppose you might be seeing more of my kid in these blog post because she has taken on the official task of being the blogs photographer.

Back to the Errandonne challenge. I have to admit. I tried. I had some days where I took pictures and then suddenly my phone was having pictures taking any pictures. I hate when something doesn't work. The few pictures I did salvage from my challenge.

This was a cool tin bicycle repair kit found on our way home. We were shopping for a birthday party my kid never made it to because she ended up getting sick. Let's not even count the times she has been sick this year. UGHHH!

This is the 2nd Ave Death Trap, I meant bike lane. It was occupied by buses. I am glad that that lane comes in handy for something other than a highway to run o…

Soggy Purim...WHY??

At lot of people don't know this but Purim is not my most favorite Jewish holiday. Why??? Oh, but this is not a holiday for kids. It is a slew of mitzvahs, all starting with MEM that we adults  over bar/bat mitzvah must do within a certain time frame. I am a planner but this is one those where you are RUSH RUSH RUSH.. You can't start anything early. It is like a marathon. So, their are four mitzvahs I needed to complete starting right after Shabbos. As much as I don't want to walk anywhere I had to walk up on Shabbos to hear Parshas Zachor. We came home and ate lunch at a friends house. Lunch was nice because our friends also invited the famous Garden Renegade. I like her family. After watching them all sooth a baby I am now going to call them, the Baby Whisper Family. Any one of them could get a fussy baby calm in no time flat. I will have to borrow one of those kids when my baby comes along. Lunch was meaty and yummy. The menu even included meatloaf, something our kid ha…

8 Months Pregnant and STILL biking

Hey, lady! When are you going to give up this whole biking nonsense, get a car and just look spacey pregnant like everyone else? You could loose your balance! Actually, my problem is just plain grabbing something and then making other stuff fall. For example, when I shop at the most dangerous place on the planet I have to be really careful. Trader Joe's is a hazard zone. I have knocked over SO many displays since being pregnant I think they fear me when I walk through the door. I bet they broadcast, "It's the pregnant biking lady, quick, evasive maneuvers!" I didn't admit to this until the other day when we were sitting eating soup at the table and I told Mr. Peyos my saga of dumping a ton of tiny yogurts all over Trader Joe's floor. Did I take a picture? No but I felt bad and tried to get down on my pregnant knees to pick it up but gave up. Nobody got mad at me so it was okay in the end.

How am I feeling? I will be honest, tired. I am tired and just want to…

#Errandonne Challenge 2014

Purim is just around the corner. Remember last year where I dressed as a cow and biked around and lost my wallet? That was an adventure in itself. Our daughter dressed as a detective and my husband dressed as his jolly self.  What are the plans for this year? Well, I was going to dress as an oven with a bun and Mr. Peyos was going to dress as the baker. I don't know but it somehow seems really scandalous in this little religious community. I really don't care but what I do care about is time. I don't know have time to work on my own costume. I do have time to help my kid get hers together. Last year was the first time she wanted to be anything but a princess. So, I kinda wondered what she would want to dress up this time. Well, the final verdict was to dress as Smurfette. My sister sews so my daughter called her on the phone and begged that she make the costume for her. Sure, I could have bought the costume but it would not have suited our tznius requirements. Well, my si…

Me so Tired

I am getting tired and pretty cranky about it. I am still riding my bike because apparently biking more than 20 miles is WAY easier than walking down the street to catch the bus. No kidding! If you remember our epic barfing then you might know that I cleaned that toilet like there was no tomorrow each time. This meant it got used a lot and the toilet seat cracked. It cracked and then it came completely unhinged off the toilet itself. On one of the days I was alone I biked over to Lowes to buy a new one. Why in the world did they put that department at the back of the store?? I was huffing and puffing my way trying to keep up with the most unfit worker there. I was like, slow down dude, see this stomach, it is not beer. I even asked before I made my way back there if they could just bring me one. I didn't care what color it was. No, I walked all the way to the back of the store. I should be allowed to bring in my bike right! I was lazy and didn't even bother to take a picture o…