8 Months Pregnant and STILL biking

Count the rings on my tummy!
Hey, lady! When are you going to give up this whole biking nonsense, get a car and just look spacey pregnant like everyone else? You could loose your balance! Actually, my problem is just plain grabbing something and then making other stuff fall. For example, when I shop at the most dangerous place on the planet I have to be really careful. Trader Joe's is a hazard zone. I have knocked over SO many displays since being pregnant I think they fear me when I walk through the door. I bet they broadcast, "It's the pregnant biking lady, quick, evasive maneuvers!" I didn't admit to this until the other day when we were sitting eating soup at the table and I told Mr. Peyos my saga of dumping a ton of tiny yogurts all over Trader Joe's floor. Did I take a picture? No but I felt bad and tried to get down on my pregnant knees to pick it up but gave up. Nobody got mad at me so it was okay in the end.

Still trying to take pictures while biking up a hill

How am I feeling? I will be honest, tired. I am tired and just want to sleep. If I could, I would sleep and sleep more. I am not particularly hungry just sleepy. One day I even fell asleep sitting in the chair downstairs. I like comfort and it is not the most comfortable place to sit and sleep.

I can still pedal with one foot
How am I able to still bike? I don't know but I can tell you that sitting and biking is way more comfortable. I say it is the easy way to get around. I get Braxton Hicks contractions while walking. On Shabbos my daughter's friend stopped by to play and wanted to know when we would walk over there. My daughter understands that something is going on with mommy that causes "cramps" and even going that one block is not going to end well. Anyway, on Shabbos I don't want to go anywhere. I have been out all week, don't make me walk anywhere I don't have to! Good thing one of my friends is next door so I can always pop in to visit.

I am at that stage where I get to visit the doctor every two weeks and I always mention how I feel and nothing is out of the ordinary so everything is a green light. YES, even biking! I have the most awesome route to the birthing center but I am hoping that it doesn't get to that. In fact, the other day I was talking to my friend and we chatted about taking me to the hospital. I said it would be epic if she had to take me to the hospital with an infant and two toddlers in tow. Don't worry, I have my camera ready because I am sure someone will be crying in that car!

Selfie/Belly shot. Yes, it is there
Other interesting facts about this pregnancy:

-No need for a bazillion maternity clothes: Unlike my first pregnancy in the ancient golden ages of 2003/4 I have managed to just stretch the heck out of all my skirts and sweaters. I might have to buy new clothes afterwards but I am lazy and just might just keep wearing what I have. I do have a couple of shirts and one maternity sweater but it looks like I might make to Baby Day with the shirt off my back

-This baby LOVES Mr. Peyos and our current kid. If they are sitting next to me chatting this baby will maneuver itself in that direction. It is reaching for them!

-This baby has Mr. Peyo's music interest: Heavy Metal, I kid you not! Right now our kid is getting bass lessons and even has her own bass to practice the bass lines to classic, not classical, songs. She is working on "Another bites the dust". Maybe I will make them become a band but more awesome than the Partridge Family.

-This baby holds the same hours as Mr. Peyos: Mr. Peyos is a night owl and so is this baby. I will feel rolling, moving, hiccuping and more moving from about 1am until 11am. It makes sleep miserable.

-I have biked 700 miles on the Edgerunner since we got it in December. Okay, maybe not so impressive but considering that I am schlepping a kid and pregnant, it is great!
If you want to keep up to date on my adventures, then follow me on Twitter already. I have time to blog now but once that baby breaks free then who knows.

The baby even has a theme song:


  1. I love it. thank you! someday if I can ever get pregnant I hope to be biking the whole way.


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