Biking to the Birthing Center

Last Sunday the whole family was suppose to bike to the birthing center (in reality it is the hospital with a birthing center) so we can all take a look and ask questions. I understood that kids under 10 were not allowed but didn't realize until a very late email that my kid would not be allowed on the tour. The email had in big letters, NO CHILDREN ALLOWED. Those are ugly words I don't like but then again my kid is pretty much behaved. So, I scrambled last minute to find a babysitter or at least a responsible person to come sit in my house and make sure my kid is safe and the house doesn't go anywhere. I would have asked the neighbors girls but the family had been going through some virus and my kid was afraid that the older girls might unknowingly have whatever the younger kids had. So, I called another girl to come and she brought our daughter's BFF which was easy enough because it was her sister. Mr. Peyos and I left the house without our kid. So it was like a date but not a date. I hate going anywhere without our kid. It is something I am not exactly used to.

This is us taking a break from biking because I was thirsty and I had to go to the bathroom but we were almost there so I wasn't worried. I was going to make it. My maternity belt was holding it all in. You can see a hint of Mr. Peyos in the picture. He put on his casual shoes.

Up and over through Judkins Park we go, lalalalala........

After biking north on 20th Ave. I like to turn on Columbia. I know you have to go uphill but I have that BionX right! I forgot I was riding with someone unassisted and on a Dutch bike, opps!
 More of me going uphill on Columbia. Why did I pick this street? You will see in a second.

 TADA! Can you see where I am headed. Right towards Swedish! Does it look flat. It does but their is a hill beyond those beautiful flowers at Seattle University.

We arrived and parked our bikes at these really nice bike racks. Since it was Sunday not many people were parked here. The tour was interesting. We had several other couples on the tour with us. We were apparently the only parents going through a second pregnancy. All the other mommies were 1st time and didn't have many questions to ask. We had some urgent questions. For example, does the facility have an alarm on the baby? Yup, we asked this. Turns out my husband took our daughter into the hallway corridor during her stay at birth and made all the alarms go off and resulted in security and the nurses yelling at him. We had no idea so this time we asked because that was enough trauma. The best part was at some point the nurse asked all the preggy ladies to sit down. What happened next some dumb husband sat in the most comfy chair instead of offering it to his partner. Idiot! All the other non-pregnant people stood.
As soon as we left the birthing center Apple Pie decided to wedge it's body on the left side of my body into my ribs. It hurt SO bad. I even asked Mr. Peyos to please please push the baby over. So, I took a few deep breaths and he pushed on the baby but that kid is related to us and is stubborn. I had to unstrap the maternity belt just for relief. For a second I thought I was having some pretty intense Braxton Hicks but it was just baby torturing me. We biking down the hill on a street parallel to Madison and ended up here. Look, no cars! It is Sunday, nobody goes anywhere on Sunday except this crazy lady on a bike. So, at least we got to bike with zero rain and it made for an enjoyable but painful bike ride home. Now that I am in the final countdown of month 9 we will see if I get to those 1000 miles I was hoping to accomplish before this baby debuts.


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