I tired to complete the Errandonne Challenge but this year has been so irregular. While I would love to blog about some issues regarding my irregular year I don't know if they have anything to do with biking. I suppose you might be seeing more of my kid in these blog post because she has taken on the official task of being the blogs photographer.

Back to the Errandonne challenge. I have to admit. I tried. I had some days where I took pictures and then suddenly my phone was having pictures taking any pictures. I hate when something doesn't work. The few pictures I did salvage from my challenge.

This was a cool tin bicycle repair kit found on our way home. We were shopping for a birthday party my kid never made it to because she ended up getting sick. Let's not even count the times she has been sick this year. UGHHH!

This is the 2nd Ave Death Trap, I meant bike lane. It was occupied by buses. I am glad that that lane comes in handy for something other than a highway to run over people on bikes. YEAH for Seattle!!

This is school pick-up. Oh, one of the few weeks where our kid made it to school all week without anxiety barfing, that's a hint to what has been wrong with her. Humm, could it be that she had less time with a certain teacher? I am going to say yes!! That day was glorious and so was this picture, no filter, just rays of lovely sunshine coming down on my bike. We even forgot about homework packets just because it was the sun! I love sun!

I stopped and had a drink at a coffee place MANY times! Sorry about the smootz on the camera.

On the Purim spirit days I made my kid a The Clash t-shirt since it was Clash day! HAHAHAH! Again, she had the most glorious days during spirit week.

 I stood on the corner of Rainier and Morgan trying to figure out what SDOT was planning to do with the road here. See the white on the road? I saw two guys standing on the corner the other day and wonder if they plan to make the road easier to get across.
 This is a notorious place where pedestrians are ignored. Isn't that nice!

 I went to BikeWorks in hopes of finding some hi-viz banana gear for the back of my bike. Apparently they were in the middle of filming or close to filming.
 The guy is scratching his head. Look at the bikes for little kids. Go buy one!

 My favorite road of pot holes. That one is a looker and could swallow my tire and tip me over!

 On one of the days my kids was sick we managed to go to an art studio and paint pottery. This complex sports a good bike rack but I was nervous because it is right on Rainier Ave. From inside I got to witness people slowly lurk around my bike.
 I found a route to the birthing center. Hello WAY over there!

Last but not least I was slightly stunned when I made a trip to Blick on Broadway to pick up painting supplies for that mushroom project and a United States Post office truck rolled past me as me I locked the bike next to Jimmy. I Tweeted this and it got reTwittered but I wonder if SDOT was paying attention so it might be time to Get Jessie. It is stupid when people in cars do this but a US Mail Truck, you have to be kidding! So, there were the task I completed. I might have forgotten a few because I didn't take a picture. Madi was way more organized when it came to this. So, catch up on how she managed her task.


  1. Anxiety barfing: I suffered from "mysterious" headaches for a few weeks when I was in pre-school. They only went away when a parent came to pick me up after the teacher could only tolerate so much screaming.

    1. Wow, that is sad. The teacher doesn't scream, she just implements her special brand of psychological terror. I mean having kids finish a task at a red table instead of the blue one and a whole long laundry list of other things our kid has endured. Our kid went to school ONE day this week and by Thursday morning it was violent anxiety attack followed by barfing. I contacted the school administration and nobody has followed up so she is home for now.

    2. Poor kid. Oh, and... I was the one screaming (from the 'mysterious' headache), not the teacher.


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