#Errandonne Challenge 2014

Purim is just around the corner. Remember last year where I dressed as a cow and biked around and lost my wallet? That was an adventure in itself. Our daughter dressed as a detective and my husband dressed as his jolly self.  What are the plans for this year? Well, I was going to dress as an oven with a bun and Mr. Peyos was going to dress as the baker. I don't know but it somehow seems really scandalous in this little religious community. I really don't care but what I do care about is time. I don't know have time to work on my own costume. I do have time to help my kid get hers together. Last year was the first time she wanted to be anything but a princess. So, I kinda wondered what she would want to dress up this time. Well, the final verdict was to dress as Smurfette. My sister sews so my daughter called her on the phone and begged that she make the costume for her. Sure, I could have bought the costume but it would not have suited our tznius requirements. Well, my sister is a perfectionist and made her the costumes specified to fit a Jewish religious girl.

What about the Edgerunner? Well, with a longtail I can now really decorate it. So, we decided to make a Smurf house and somehow attach it to the bike while I bike our kid around to make our Purim deliveries. I hope it doesn't rain. I have cardboard and now I just have to cut it and paint it. I need paint and will have to go buy some this week.

So, we have been prepping for this holiday and I decided to combine it with the #Errandonne challenge. You have time to join in! If this really preggo lady can do it so can you! At this point I wonder if I could manage to get 1000 miles down on the Edgerunner before I start labor. I am getting close to that number but I am not going to push myself.

Some of the errands I have completed have involved food. I went grocery shopping. On Sunday we did bike to buy household stuff because at some point my mother will be staying with us to help out. We bought her a new hermetically sealed comforter. We have down blankets but this was a must. We haven't finished buying the guest wares so I will have to finish that this week.

We have done other things but I forget to take pictures so I feel like I can't count them. :( Don't worry. I will take more pictures. In any case, I wonder if I can use the photo of my biking into a typically Seattle cloud as my Wildcard errand?

This errand was also completed on Sunday when daylight savings had taken a toll on little children, pregnant woman and men who need more beer.

While I was trying to configure that pink comforter on the bike my kid decided to climb on something.

This is how daylight saving makes kids just go bonkers. Hey, let me climb on this lion and then proceed to tumble off of it. Little did you know that not too long before this picture she decided to fall in a mud pit and looked stunned and sat there for about 10 seconds.

Daylight savings is not helping me parent! Actually Monday was pretty bad with car drivers and pedestrians.

I was unsure if I wanted to bike with so many sleep deprived drivers.

Who am I kidding? I biked anyway. I may look weird but I AM weird and biked toward clouds. See, the Seattle cloud of doom. I kept getting closer to that thing but never got close enough to get pelted. I stopped to text Mr. Peyos. Yeah, the act of texting and biking is hard. I don't know how young people do it. He in return texted me his view.

He response was to just park the bike and take the bus. So, I did a little hisbodidus and asked G-d to keep me dry. Guess what? It must have worked because by the time I got up close to the African American Museum it was smooth sailing:

On the way home the clouds loomed again but as soon as we entered the house the hard rain hit and my daughter was surprised we made it without getting wet. This is how we are working at our #errandonne challenge. Now to figure a reason to visit a bike shop...hummm.


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