Happy Spring 2014

Thursday marked the beginning of spring. It also meant another appointment for me at my OBGYN. I am not so used to biking uphill to the appointment with my kid but because Mr. Peyos has a job he has to go to work. I was left with no choice than to take my kid with me. She has gone to several appointments and find them slightly boring. She likes it when the doctor hear the heartbeat but other than that the appointment is boring. Apparently the doctor has heard about our daughters "digestive issues" and talked her about it. That was nice.

It was a really gorgeous day. You could have not asked for a better 1st day of spring. On the way home from my way boring appointment I asked the official photographer to take pictures and here are her pictures:

This is us biking through Chinatown which wasn't so bad because of the time of day but people don't adhere to stop signs. Pedestrians are forced to run from corner to corner but my kid just took a picture of this colorful store.

On our way to the appointment we encountered screaming from under the highway but they moved a few blocks over and didn't see them but we did smell the grossness of this area.

I asked if I could bike over the Jose Rizal Bridge and didn't hear objections so I made my way across.

More of Jose. That bridge is green.
Here we are waiting to cross the street so we can make our way on the path to glide over Rainier Ave.
 Here we are once we crossed the street on a dedicated shared path. It was so beautiful.

 Making our way across Rainier Ave. This picture makes me look like we are going fast. Oh yeah!

 On the other side a freakish view of the 1-90 highway. It is weird to bike parallel to speeding cars.
 That is Rainier Ave. Hello down there!
 Weeds or food, depending on your take. OR beautiful flowers!

Finally, our kid took a picture of her teeth. I wonder if her dentist would like this photo? As you can see, it was a beautiful beginning to spring. Little did we realize that soon after the rain would spit down on us the following days. Oh well, but at least it's not snowing right!


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