Seattle Bike Expo 2014: The pregnant edition

Those people who were lucky enough to go to the Seattle Bike Expo on Saturday did not get soaked. Lucky you! Instead, lucky us, was having Shabbos and eating gefilte fish. I am going to tell you that someone here in this house ate too much and gave her a 9 year old self a tummy ache. We survived the traumatic experience of having our kid eat too much but that's okay because it means she is much better.

Sunday I oversleep because well, pregnant. After eating a hearty breakfast of chicken stir fry and brown rice we headed out into the rain. Mr. Peyos was not convinced to leave the confines of our home for anything that did not involve beer or work. The Bike Expo needs beer or free beer or promises of beer next year. Our kid didn't care about the rain but she would not put on those stupid rain pants so I feared the worst. She was convinced the rain poncho would keep her dry. At least she wore rain boots this year.

We got down to the Elliot Bay Trail and past those 3 extra miles people on a bike need to do for safety reasons. Signage was bad or was it because it was raining hard. We were soaked by the time we got to the BikeWorks parking. Do you see that RAIN? Ughh, I already knew complaints were on their way and we hadn't even arrived.

Yes, more amusing rain shots. Who am I to complain? It is rain, not snow. You can still bike in this. Those poor poor souls on the other side of the country with the mounds of snow and the #sneckdown.  A puddle is not going to kill me but I will never live down this one if everyone is soaked.

We gave some tzedakah to the BikeWorks corral and paid our way into the expo. Our kid had her own agenda: MUST START SCAVENGER HUNT! Oh no! I want to see those Germans ride those fixes and flex their legs and balance like their is not tomorrow.We got there just in time for the show. Alas, Baby Apple Pie (the one still growing in me), dictated that I use the facilitates. By the time I came back the show started and Mr. Peyos and kid were watching all the balancing. I took the worst picture to protect the privacy and dignity of the stretching spandex. They were good but who cares because our kid MUST START SCAVENGER HUNT! Okay, you saw five minutes of cool balancing, whatever!

We stopped at booths my husband showed sheer joy over. We stopped at the Cleverhood both and Mr. Peyos tried one on. My kid's brain was going, "okay, dude, I MUST complete my scavenger hunt!". Mr. Peyos tried the cape and I could tell in his eyes that he WANTED it. You would only know his happiness if you really knew him. The hoods were at a special price and so I was like, just buy one because I want my poncho back! We walked away and Mr. Peyos said he would think about it.

Finally, the real reason we came, we found one clue. A kid invented these to go on your bike helmet. Interesting right!

BikeWorks was our next stop and this is the famous Rodriguez Seahawks bike. It is little. I mean short person little. It looked like I could comfortably ride it. Apparently the mayor of Denver is short.

I didn't take a picture at all the booths, this is our kid turning in her completed sheet in record time and claiming her prize. Apparently, that little treasure box held key chains with a person riding a bike. The woman told her to fill the bag with whatever you want. She did!

Next was a trip to visit our friends at the Timbuk2 booth. This is where some of our money has gone lately. I was asked if my backpack was new and bought with the Sweet Tweet. Yes, I did buy it that way! My daughter explained how sad she was to have missed out on the February offer and the guy said they would honor the discount for her. Oh lucky sob story kid! They even perused the bags on the website so she could explain the one she wanted. You guys rock Timbuk2!

Our next stop was to visit G&O Family Cyclery and the pink Brompton, sigh... We took a good look at the modified Edgerunner tricked up by Haulin' Colin. It was really cool. I didn't take a picture because I had to go use the facilitates and gleefully forgot when I came back. Mr. Peyos was super excited to see Davey Oil and the new bike. You can't really tell, Mr. Peyos has one face and to an outsider it is hard to distinguished. We know him so if he stayed to talk to Davey, it meant he really likes the guy.

 Another guy Mr. Peyos has a lengthy conversation with was the maker of these goods. He was pretty cool! They talked about the cool Guinness beer bike.

The picture does not do justice to the details on this bike.

 Other cool bikes we looked at. I love a trike. Looks like fun!

As nice as this bike was I just though that the name was close to wasting, like wasting my time. No seriously, this bike was nice.

Other weird stuff. This sunglasses company had a whole schtick. They did a good job on the acting and scaring the living daylight of our kid. We watched.

It was a lot of effort. It looked like fun thought!

Will they make this little kid explode? I am not telling but the results were amazing! This was the last. Everyone made a pit stop to the potty and we set up in the rain for home. This time the rain was worse than when we arrived. Ahh, I indulged Mr. Peyos and bought him a Cleverhood poncho. He hates the green one he rides with and I am kinda tired of getting all wet on my skirt. So he got a fancy rain poncho and I got the green one.
Here he is flying away from us.

Here is more of me pretending to let him win our bike race.

Okay Mr., you think we are not going to catch up. Look at that puddle right in front of us and those rain drops. The horror! In any case, we made it home, changed into pajamas and are now ready for sleep. Yeah, for another rainy Bike Expo. Next year we get to torture another soul with my crazy ideas of biking in the rain.


  1. First off I really like your blog.
    When I started bike commuting this summer I was looking for inspiration but at first only found cycling blogs that pushed a racing spandex style of riding that I didn't fit into. I got a bike to go a few miles to work, the store, or casual jaunts around Seattle not to compete in a race. Not quite sure how I stumbled on your blog but I did and it's helped me.
    Not only to see how using a bike instead of a car is really possible in Seattle but also when I struggle in an area that I know you've biked reminding myself that if no spandex momma can do it while carrying a child I can do it with just me. (This has helped push me to improve on tough parts of my route and many are no getting easier)
    Thank you for everything and keep it up.

    1. Glad you found the blog. I don't make a big deal about it. Even people I know don't really know about it. I started it to vent my frustrations but have meet more people on the way, especially the whole family biking community. Seattle is pretty bikable, especially if you live in those area with more infrastructure. Down her in the Rainier Valley people are still under the impression that if you ride a bike you are poor, go figure. If you bike through the Central District and Capitol Hill you might encounter lots of normal clothed people, it can be very exciting!


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