Soggy Purim...WHY??

At lot of people don't know this but Purim is not my most favorite Jewish holiday. Why??? Oh, but this is not a holiday for kids. It is a slew of mitzvahs, all starting with MEM that we adults  over bar/bat mitzvah must do within a certain time frame. I am a planner but this is one those where you are RUSH RUSH RUSH.. You can't start anything early. It is like a marathon. So, their are four mitzvahs I needed to complete starting right after Shabbos. As much as I don't want to walk anywhere I had to walk up on Shabbos to hear Parshas Zachor. We came home and ate lunch at a friends house. Lunch was nice because our friends also invited the famous Garden Renegade. I like her family. After watching them all sooth a baby I am now going to call them, the Baby Whisper Family. Any one of them could get a fussy baby calm in no time flat. I will have to borrow one of those kids when my baby comes along. Lunch was meaty and yummy. The menu even included meatloaf, something our kid has wanted to try for along time. So, Shabbos was nice and I even let the newborn take a nap on my pregnant belly or as I imagine, new friend, hahaha. I wonder how those two babies will get along once mine comes along?

Then we came home so I could take a sitting up nap, not a hard task for me. I slept for about an hour and then my kid got me up 1/2 hour before Shabbos was over so I could wake up completely. As soon as Shabbos was over my kid got her costume on and I made sure I had a skirt on, yes I forget because my leggings are so cozy. We walked up and watched Mr. Peyos take charge of the set-up as his Shamos job. Actually everything was set up by the time we got there so all we did was sit. That was nice.

So, we heard the nighttime Megillah reading, including Apple Pie. It was so loud the baby just kicked at me the whole time and it was a painful hour but I endured. I bet next year I will have to hire someone to wait outside with the baby for me so I can hear it without protest crying. Here is a shot of us reading and following along. That moon of pink is my stomach. I know, it's a kid megillah, so what! The Hebrew font is big just the way I like it. Plus it has funny pictures that make me laugh.

After the shuls big Purim Spiel, yes we are the only ones in the Seward Park area that did this, we got home about midnight. I was too wired to sleep so I worked on the finishing touches of our Purim costume. My kid was Smurfette this year and I said I would make the Xtracycle Edgerunner into her house. My husband thought it was a little overboard but you do these things for fun right. I stayed up finishing and zipting. Actually Thursday we painted the shroom.

We let it dry and it turns out that paint is really chalk like and by touching it you get pink all over. I was cheap and just bought hot pink and white and then mixed shades to finish it up. So, Saturday night I dedicated myself to finishing up this project because when would I get a chance?
This is just one side and then I realized, how the heck is she going to get ON the bike with that in the way? So I pulled out the Hooptie, which I didn't realized was not extended fully out. The things you learn. You see I had to connect the top to the bottom and then color a window. Our daughter actually did a good job painting that thing.

All night it rained and I worried, ACK! This mushroom is going to melt and I am going to probably be alone on the bike because the Smurf won't want to ride in it. On Sunday the sky poured down and the only one who thought I wasn't crazy to bike in the rain was my daughter. She REALLY wanted to go out and make our deliveries after the morning megillah reading. Despite going to sleep at the insane time of midnight she woke up and we were off again to shul at 8:40am.

Here it is parked on a hill and I was waiting for my kid to make her delivery. We had originally planned to make small misloach manot for all the girls in her class but by morning somehow I had negotiated to only include a small group of girls, the ones closest to the house. So far nothing is melting. I made my own obligatory deliveries. I usually give out two and then the rest of the money that would he been otherwise spent goes to matanot l'evyonim. One of them included a 2lb giant chocolate bunny and Girl Scout cookies. Look, if you are going to fulfill this mitzvah then do it so that the person really enjoys what they are getting. I wonder how much of that bunny got eaten? Mr.Peyos gave out beer, chips and hummus to two people who really love that kind of manly stuff. 

Back home and this is how wet that cardboard got. Don't look at my lawn or mess, I haven't been able to garden since August. Yes, August! My lawn is overgrown and I don't care at this point. I left the bike out for a while but brought it in to dry. I thought we were going to bike after eating our seuda to visit other friends but instead got in our friends car for that one. So, I didn't even get to count a ride for my Errandonne challenge. I might not even finish that one, so sad.

Here is my view of the other meal we showed up to. That is not my plate but my kids plate. I am glad we ate at home because she never likes to eat out of the house. She is a real homebody when it comes to eating. This party had no bouncy house but the kids there didn't care because they were really entertained by the adults.  Like I said, Purim is not for kids, but for the adults. Mr. Peyos and friend played background on a very lively halachic debate and the kids thought that was hilarious, go figure. We left at some point and all the children, including mine sat at someone's house while my friend and I went to check out the funny man dancing  I missed witnessing last year. Well, it was interesting for 10 seconds. Maybe I will follow this up with a second post because I didn't include a picture of the Smurf on the bike. Ahh, but at least I didn't loose my wallet like last year and Mr. Peyos managed to keep all contents of his stomach IN his stomach this year! 


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