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Hospital Stays can be Interesting

Having a baby Erev Pesach was really interesting. I really tried keeping this baby in me as long as possible. I cut back on biking, took it easy and in many instances asked for help. I don't like to ask people for help but I did because I wanted to make it through Pesach with a baby in my stomach. You know, we don't always get what we want. With the new car tab and tax vote not going through we might have an epidemic of other ladies actually giving birth on the bus. The imagery is so haunting. Metro's new saying will be, we might get you there.

While in the hospital/birthing center/whatever you want to call it I learned a lot about myself and what not to do there:
1. I have the blood pressure of a marathon runner. At some point the anesthesiologist came in my room and told the nurses to not lower my bed for the first 12 hours or else my blood pressure will dip too low. I wonder if all us cargo folk have that kind of blood pressure because we bike at a steady rather than fa…

Did I bike in Labor?

So, if you follow me on Twitter you might have known I had my baby. I am not a prolific Tweet kind of person but I do occasionally have some interesting discussions with folks. If you are part of the Seattle Family Biking Page you would have seen some of my adventure. So, did I bike in labor?

Let's see my adventure, okay! On Monday 4-14-14 (that date is funny), I woke up at 4am and felt really crampy. I had been having Braxton Hicks and if I changed position I knew that it would change. So, after about an hour of this pain I decided to take a shower. At this point our kid woke up and wanted to cuddle. So we let her and she came in the bed with us and we all fell asleep. I had to wake up around 7am to get myself ready for my weekly appointment at my OBGYN office. By now the pain had stopped so I figured it was not real labor. I go to use the restroom and GUSH! Guess what that was? I wasn't too sure because it wasn't a mabul (flood). Humm, let me smell it. It didn't smel…

#30 Days of Biking: DO IT!

I did not sign up for the monthly 30 days of biking challenge just because you know, close to due date April 30th or Rosh Chodesh Iyar. So close, yet so far away! Also, to get a full 30 days I would need to bike after Shabbos and frankly I am not in the mood to go out at night. Without even trying I have managed to bike every day of April except for Shabbos so that's pretty good, my own version of 30 minus Shabbos days of biking.

Depending on how I have felt I have cut down some of my mileage and combined bike with train/bike. On Friday I combine my errands with bus and got to experience the joy of jerks on the bus. I hate smells and suddenly the bus smelled like smoke. I look back and three jerks sprawled across the back were smoking. Does this sound like a familiar scenario? Well, it also happened on the train. A group of jerks smoking on the light rail and a law student gets punched out for trying to defend a family with kids. I grabbed my daughter, made my way to the front of…

Biking 9 Months Pregnant

So, I made it month 9 and am still biking. Remember our trip to the birthing center and the related pain afterwards. So, After that point it seemed as if the baby has decided to slowly descend. I can feel it in the way I breath and the positioning of my stomach. It also means I can can sorta eat. While this is nice it also mean that I started to get swollen feet. Actually I blame myself. On Monday I stayed with my daughter at school and did some volunteer hours in the library. I guess I picked the wrong position to sit and gave myself those tamale feet. I did the only sensible thing and searched on YouTube for swollen pregnancy feet and saw some really swollen feet, worse than mine. That is what YouTube is for, to make you feel much better about your own human condition, hahaha.

I am also getting more tired. Pesach is two weeks away and we have cleaned half the house and have just the downstairs area to do. It shouldn't take a long time to get done but it will be work I am not re…