#30 Days of Biking: DO IT!

Salmoning on the sidewalk 5th Ave.
I did not sign up for the monthly 30 days of biking challenge just because you know, close to due date April 30th or Rosh Chodesh Iyar. So close, yet so far away! Also, to get a full 30 days I would need to bike after Shabbos and frankly I am not in the mood to go out at night. Without even trying I have managed to bike every day of April except for Shabbos so that's pretty good, my own version of 30 minus Shabbos days of biking.

Depending on how I have felt I have cut down some of my mileage and combined bike with train/bike. On Friday I combine my errands with bus and got to experience the joy of jerks on the bus. I hate smells and suddenly the bus smelled like smoke. I look back and three jerks sprawled across the back were smoking. Does this sound like a familiar scenario? Well, it also happened on the train. A group of jerks smoking on the light rail and a law student gets punched out for trying to defend a family with kids. I grabbed my daughter, made my way to the front of the bus and told the driver about the jerks. Well, this resulted in the driver kicking them off the bus but not before they threatened me and I threatened them with the POLICE. My daughter was terrified. One of the guys looked like he was making his way to the front of the bus and in one hand I had my phone dialing 9-1...and the other hand was pulling out a pair of scissors I had in my backpack for a craft project. Let me just say, these are really sharp scissors. Behind me was my daughter. Before I hit the last 1 the 3 A-holes got off the bus. Sadly, my kid was scared and nothing is worse than being called the "C" and "B" word. The "B" word doesn't bother me but What the Fuzzy! Calling me the "C" word just shows the level of respect of these men have for women.

The Broadway cycle track. Stuff we biked on.
I am convinced they thought they thought they were manly, not siting next to each other, sexually harassing a women who had to change seats and then threatening a pregnant lady with a kid. This was an isolated incident and yes, it makes me think twice about taking the bus but why do I have to be scared. I think what really POed me was the fact that nobody on the bus helped us except the driver. People just looked stupefied. So, I felt like a victim even though nothing happened to us and we were almost alone. Also, I had sharp scissors, please don't mess with me and my craft scissors. So, just to make my daughter feel better I think we will be cutting back on the bus portion and I will be biking more and combining it better with Light Rail or less weirdo bus routes. Although, the 9 has more professional and student riders than any of the other routes. Yes, this happened on the 9.

As you can see we saw some interesting sights. My photographer was kinda busy with helping me prepare for Passover so that means that we didn't take many pictures of our riding around looking kind wacko with the stuff we bought for our very short holiday, more on that to come! Still pregnant and biking, I am pretty surprised I have managed this.


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