Biking 9 Months Pregnant

The nesting has begun. I went up to shul to help my husband.
This also meant the bike dragged me up the hill with this load.
So, I made it month 9 and am still biking. Remember our trip to the birthing center and the related pain afterwards. So, After that point it seemed as if the baby has decided to slowly descend. I can feel it in the way I breath and the positioning of my stomach. It also means I can can sorta eat. While this is nice it also mean that I started to get swollen feet. Actually I blame myself. On Monday I stayed with my daughter at school and did some volunteer hours in the library. I guess I picked the wrong position to sit and gave myself those tamale feet. I did the only sensible thing and searched on YouTube for swollen pregnancy feet and saw some really swollen feet, worse than mine. That is what YouTube is for, to make you feel much better about your own human condition, hahaha.

I am also getting more tired. Pesach is two weeks away and we have cleaned half the house and have just the downstairs area to do. It shouldn't take a long time to get done but it will be work I am not really excited about. On WAY better news I bought our handmade shmura matza without drama or rain. It seems that every year I buy them something happens or worse, it rains when I buying them. I always feel if we have our matzah we are good. I mean, what else might run out? I don't like last minute.

On Tuesday my life took a turn of events. My morning begins with saying ModeAni, washing negel vasser and then a trip to the facilities. Well, from that trip I noticed something interesting, my mucus plug came out. Why is related to biking? Well, not too long ago this whole discussion of plugs and biking was on Family Biking page for us Seattle Biking Families. Several women expressed that they were told not to bike if they lost the plug. All I could think was how sad I was not to be able to bike. I called the doctor and talked to the triage nurse and she approved my biking without the plug. HORRAY!! Like always, their is a concern of falling or a car hitting me, which could happen regardless if I am on the bike or not. The other day I almost slipped down our stairs because I insisted on cleaning the wall. They were dirty and it was annoying me.
I love it when cars block the crosswalk and don't indicate where they are going!
So, here I am 9 months, biked yesterday and a sitting duck for this baby to make their way in the world. I tried hard to take a picture of us biking home from my OBGYN appointment but the weight of a kid, beer and groceries was a little more than I bargained for. I needed to hands on the bike. Instead you get the lady who decided to block the crosswalk. I love those people.


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