Did I bike in Labor?

So, if you follow me on Twitter you might have known I had my baby. I am not a prolific Tweet kind of person but I do occasionally have some interesting discussions with folks. If you are part of the Seattle Family Biking Page you would have seen some of my adventure. So, did I bike in labor?

Let's see my adventure, okay! On Monday 4-14-14 (that date is funny), I woke up at 4am and felt really crampy. I had been having Braxton Hicks and if I changed position I knew that it would change. So, after about an hour of this pain I decided to take a shower. At this point our kid woke up and wanted to cuddle. So we let her and she came in the bed with us and we all fell asleep. I had to wake up around 7am to get myself ready for my weekly appointment at my OBGYN office. By now the pain had stopped so I figured it was not real labor. I go to use the restroom and GUSH! Guess what that was? I wasn't too sure because it wasn't a mabul (flood). Humm, let me smell it. It didn't smell like urine. I am like that, so if you don't want gross details stop reading here because I am about to get more gross!

Bye bye slow 9X

Okay, let me have some Pesach cake I made in ADVANCE because I am lame and made food for Passover starting Sunday. I had a tiny piece and then the first more painful contraction hit me. I sat there thinking, "bike or bus?". The debate went on for a while and the contractions more sporatic. In the end I decided to take the bus. I caught the 9X and it was less than express and their were few places to for the hugely pregnant lady to sit. Okay, I am looking at my watch and realizing that the contractions are getting more even. OY OY OY!! Get me off of this frigging bus! In my head I was thinking, biking would have been faster.

I endured them got out and started walking to my appointment. I had to stop a few times because the contractions were intense. At one point I screamed at a car who didn't let me cross the street safely. I think I might have yelled not nice words, oh well. I get to my OBGYN office and tell the nice lady, "Hi, I think my water broke and......hold on a moment.....(at this point I was making a face and breathing through the contraction).....oh and I am having contractions". Yeah, I scared EVERYONE! Of course, I was prioritized and seen RIGHT AWAY.

My OBGYN doctor and I talked, she checked my cervix and determined that my water did break. I told her that it was the one appointment I didn't bike to. She said it was good I trusted my instinct because had I biked I might have risked the cord wrapping around the baby. From this point I was not allowed to leave the office until my husband arrived to transport me to the birthing center/hospital. Hello, he doesn't drive. Instead he had someone from work come and help him take me. I was ready to walk because it is a couple blocks away. I was even banned from walking to the bus stop.

I was put on a monitor for the baby and my contractions. I had a button I had to press every time I had one and after about of an hour they were more steady and labor was progressing. My husband arrived and we walked to his co-workers car and TADA! Her car breaks down!!! OY OY OY!

We walked to the bus stop and took the bus up the hill. I had contractions on the bus and while walking up to triage. While in the elevator another pregnant woman and her partner were in the elevator and he said something stupid to her, "hahaha, I should spill this water and make it look like your water broke". I was having an intense contraction and wanted to punch him. What an idiot! Both my husband and I glared at him as they got out one floor below us.

Oh, I forgot! This whole time I was scheduled to have a c-section on April 30th. Let's not go in the details but even at the appointment, while having contractions and being WAY better dilated than last time my doctor and I determined that the baby had to come out again c-section. BLAH BLAH BLAH, you know all about MY body and VBAC. I am going to tell you people out there, this was how I decided to have this baby. Don't even ask me why I didn't try labor, this was something my doctor and I carefully discussed at each visit and had to really talk about the last one.

When I got to the check-in I was rushed to a room, made to put on a gown and immediately was being monitored both baby and contractions. They were strong! My husband was later told that they had never seen a lady labor like that with such intense contractions. I kinda closed my eyes, asked Hashem (G-d) for koach  and did some really intense breathing.

The anesthesiologist wanted to get the baby out before life got more complicated. We walked to operation bed and I sat on the bed. This time I got what was called a spinal block. I was a little scared to be honest but I had the care of two anesthesiologist to reassure and take care of me. I sat, bent forward and the worst contraction hit me. I said, "guys, this one HURTS!" Then I was told, "Great! Concentrate on the contraction while we put this huge needle in you" I did and bliss..... My legs started feeling numb the contraction pain was gone and I was being numbed for the c-section. Just because, I felt I had to I described everything I thought was happening. At some point it even tickled a little. Then it felt like a great tummy massage and soon I heard WHAH WHAH WHAH and looked over as someone was carrying a baby with a full set of hair, a big butt and a hairy back. Part of my birthing plan was to see the placenta. So, before they could do more shoving and tickling down there I said, "make sure you show me the placenta". My husband said, "don't worry, we aren't going to eat it". Then the doctor said, "some people do that".

As confusing as this sounds, this was the best birth ever. The first one was traumatizing because of what I had to go through but this was so peaceful and everyone was calm.

Here he is in all his glory! Our own Baby Peyos!

Baby Peyos at home! We love him and his long fingernails. More on the rest of my adventure coming soon..


  1. Beautiful Baby. You are awesome.

  2. Congratulations! When I was hugely pregnant with the twins and people kept telling me that twins come early (ours went 40 weeks), I thought about what to do if in labor on the bus. I decided that as crazy as the #7 bus is, it would be more likely to have helpful people who had been at births before than the commuter buses to the east side (getting off at the Rainier stop). I think of the #9 as the helpful, calm people from the #7, so good choice! (and so ironic that the car broke and you ended up back on the bus again. OY indeed.)
    So beautiful. So happy for you!

    1. I can't imagine going in labor on the 7 but I guess all the contractions would distract from the crassness of the bus right!


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